Advertisements – Something we see everywhere, although most of them are forgotten by us as soon as the ad is over. However, some ads are strong enough with a powerful message that they leave us pondering, with a mark on our mind.

Here are 5 such ads that spoke a message so powerful that they left a mark on everyone’s mind:

1. Reunion by Google

Being the most shared advertisement in the year 2013, the ad released by Google captured the reunion of two long-lost friends that had parted their ways after the India-Pakistan partition. Spanning for three-and-a-half minutes, the short film shrewdly displays the meeting of the two friends first time after the partition, with the help of a Google search. Striking millions of chords across the country, the video has fetched nearly 10 million views so far. The ad spoke heavily of the apparent gap between the two nations.

2. Taxi ad by Idea Cellular

The ad by Idea was quite popular, starting with the scene of a passenger who forgets her phone in a cab. The driver, driven by his greed, goes ahead and keeps the phone with himself at first. However, his conscience tells him to kill the Raavan (demon) inside him, and thus he decides to not keep the phone and return it to the lady. The 40-seconds long ad struck a chord among the conscience of the audience, as many have been the victim of losing their belonging in a public transport. The ad broke the stereotype that economically weaker section of people of our society are looking to rob whatever that comes in the way.

3. Hawa Badlegi by Havells

Having multiple scenes, this ad begins with a newly married couple walking into the office of registrar, and the husband telling the officer that he would like to adopt his wife’s surname. Another scene showed new parents filling in Himu as the religion of their baby girl, an amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim. The ad left an impact on the minds of the viewers about breaking stereotypes and setting your own path.

4. The Double Knot by Tanishq Jewelers

A relief amidst the overdose of the trending ads featuring the perfectly fair people on television, came the ad from Tanishq Jewelers that featured a fairly dusky-complexioned mother getting married. Beginning with the woman getting ready with her daughter taking peeking from behind, the ad concludes with the mother walking into the wedding area for the pheres and her daughter asking her if she could accompany her for the ritual. The ad was hugely popular on the social media and left a powerful message for the audience.

5. Breaking Barriers by Airtel

An ad that focused on the importance of breaking barriers among our neighbors, the ad starts with two boys separated by the fencing of the border. One of them asks the other to pass him a ball and they end up crawling and crossing the fence and playing football. The powerful message behind the ad was that simply communicating can bring people from far away together.

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