India is a vast country full of adventures beaches, desserts, plain, mountains, canals and many other places to visit. It’s fun interacting with different kinds of people while travelling speaking different languages and taste and lifestyles. But there could be a risk of health if precautions are not taken. Let’s discuss some tips to stay healthy in India:

Clean your hands:

A new study by Michigan State University researchers found that only 5 percent of people who used the bathroom washed their hands long enough to kill the germs that can cause infections.

Make sure you carry sanitizer or wet wipes. You can wash your hands or wipe them or use sanitizer often. If you are doubtful about the cleanliness of utensils you can clean your hands properly and eat your food with your hands as at least you can trust yourself.

Water:Drinking Water (PET to glass)

Make sure you are drinking boiled water or bottled water. Prefer not to take ice cubes in drinks. If you are trekking or travelling in rural areas make sure to carry your own purifier or purification tablets. Do not buy the bottles that are not sealed.

Carry a knife:Gerber-760x492

Never eat vegetables or fruits raw or without peeling. Make sure you peel your fruits and eat well cooked food rather than medium cooked. Prefer eating at crowded restaurants as they are crowded for a reason.

Carry your repellents:insect repellent 1a

Make sure to carry your insect repellents and use them whenever you are going out or even inside. Prefer wearing long pants and full sleeves uppers. Carry a hat along that will protect you from ultraviolet rays of the sun. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going in sun.


To enjoy Indian cuisines and maintain your digestive system make sure you take probiotics along. They will help your stomach to fight with bad bacteria and its good impact will keep your stomach in shape. Prefer buying the travellers pack as you won’t need to refrigerate it and can consume daily.

Use of Straw:6a010535f3a090970c017d3e8a4280970c

Make sure you drink everything using straw. Prefer not to touch your lips to bottles.

Street food:


Street food is part of Indian cuisine and travelling. Not every street food is harmful. All you need to do is just observe and make decision. Observations include open containers of spices, unclean surroundings, oil looks clean or not, pans are dirty or clean. That’s enough to make a decision.

Avoid juices or smoothies:SmoothiesJuices

Juices can be fresh but fruits are fresh or not are not guaranteed. They are washed or not can’t say similarly with smoothies ice is from purified water or not is doubted. So the best option is to avoid such drinks.

Try vegetarian: chinese-vegetarian-food

India is the country where meat is consumed less than any other country. So if you are in doubt what to eat try vegetarian food. They have different forms of every ingredient with different taste. Meat is refrigerated but due to power cuts it has chances to be contaminated so vegetables are the best and delicious option.

Mental sickness:migraine

Just don’t prepare your mind to get sick in India. All you need is to look around and take some special measures for your health.

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