College years are arguably the best time of your life, as these are the last worry-free years where all you can do is have limitless fun. The perfect period where you are grown enough to be free independent, yet young enough to not take care of your expenses – the years spent in college account for some of the best memories in everyone’s life. However, the schedule at college can be pretty tiring, with the first half of the day spent attending lectures and the other half completing assignments. And let’s just not discuss the exam-time!

However, the college fests are perhaps the best part of college life, as these are some days that are filled with nothing but uninterrupted fun and unmatched pleasure. Since the colleges take pride in their annual fests, the competition is fierce for the top fests in the city. Between all the fun and excitement, here is a list of the 4 top college fests in Kolkata.

1.Spring Fest, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur


Celebrating the true youth spirit, the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur organizes the the Spring Fest every year that is eagerly awaited for by the students of all colleges across the country. Numerous fun events are conducted during the fest, such as photography, drama, debate, theatre, music, dance, among many others. 2016 will see the 57th edition of the Spring Fest, and it promises to be an exciting one.

2. Innovacion, Institute of Engineering and Management


A technical fest conducted by the Institute of Engineering and Management, Innovacion is the best fest for every tech-freak out there in the city. An exhibition of innovative ideas and knowledge, the fest is the right opportunity for all the bright minds out there looking to exploit the resources of the college. The events range from mathematics, electronics, and coding, to gaming, management, and core science. Apart from the incredible events, workshops are also organized that could be attended if you need a dose of knowledge for your brain.

3. Outlawed, National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata


The annual cultural festival organized by the National University of Juridical Science (NUJS), Kolkata, Outlawed is an innovative extravaganza that overlooks consecutive days of exhilarating fun witnessed nowhere else. Many events are conducted each year in the arena of fashion, music, dance, theatre, debate, among others. Something to not miss out on at any cost will the star nights and the DJ night of the fest. The fest will surely make your nerves going like never before.

4. Zephyr, National Power Training Institute, Durgapur

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The techno-cultural fest of the National Power Training Institute in Durgapur, Zephyr is a festive extravaganza that offers days of unlimited fun. A load of events are hosted during the fest, such as quizzes, dare to dream, Cypher & Decryption, Theatre events, among many others out of which each has its own theme. The guest performance on the Star Night is surely an exhilarating event during the fest, and so is the DJ night of the college.

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