India has always been a home to architecturally and aesthetically appealing structures. Here are 10 of such marvelous constructions.

1. Green airports:green-facility

We are also proud owners of airports that are completely green in energy consumption. The airport in the port city of Cochin, is the first airport in India to completely run on solar power while the Chandigarh airport is the first in the world to use green technology in its construction.

2. The Metros:

A metro train runs for the first time between Nagole Depot and Survey of India Station to test alignment, tracks, signalling and communication on the route in Hyderabad on Aug 8, 2014. (Photo: IANS)The lifelines of the metro cities, these rail lines started first in Kolkata in 1984 and are now across the nation. In fact the Hyderabad metro rail project is the first largest project to be undertaken as a partnership between private and public sectors. Once completed, it will also become the largest elevated metro in the world.

3. Neemuch:rewa-solar-power-plant

This solar power plant in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is the largest of its kind in Asia. The plant is still under construction and is spread over a massive 800 acres. Upon completion, this project is expected to provide power to approximately 6.24 lakh homes.

4. The Yamuna Expressway:YAMUNA-EXPRESSWAY

Connecting Agra to the capital, this road is the longest motorway in the nation. Thanks to this expressway, one now don’t have to spend 6-7 hours on road to reach the Taj Mahal. It is just a mere 2 hour journey on the motorway. KPMG had listed this among the top 100 innovative projects of infrastructure in the world.

5. Solar Park in Gujarat:

Solar panels are pictured at the GujaratThis park has made Gujarat the largest hub of solar park in the continent. The park is spread across 5000 acres and it helps generate energy both from wind and the sun. It has been operational since 2013 with many different developers of solar and wind energy hosting their projects here.

6. Airport terminals:Delhi T3 2

The Indira Gandhi International Airport is the 34 th largest building in the world and the T2 terminal in Mumbai uses the same steel as the Eiffel tower in its construction. These airports are both artistic and innovative.

7. GIFT city:

GIFT stands for Gujarat International Finance Tec and is under construction between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. Upon completion, the place will host the regional and corporate offices, trade centers, housing colonies with offices from IMF and UN along with them. Another interesting fact is that it will use an eco-friendly cooling system.

8. Eastern Freeway, Mumbai:

The second largest flyover in India, it connects two ends of Mumbai and has been operational since 2013 supporting nearly 25000 vehicles every day. It has 8 entry points for the commuters.

9. Mofussil bus terminus Chennai:


It is the second largest of its kind in Asia and became operational in 2002. Apart from being a hub for nearly 2000 buses, it also has a huge parking lot that can accommodate up to 2500 cars and two wheelers.

10. Longest tunnel:


The tunnel connecting Banihal and Qazigund areas of Kashmir is the longest rail tunnel in India and second longest in the continent. It took seven long years to construct this 11km long tunnel which has been working since 2013 now.

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