There is an old saying that size matters but here this saying will go wrong. The size of town does not matter if you have talent to explore new things. There are many people who belong to small town and today they are superstars and everybody knows them. It is truly said that if you have strong determination you can made everything possible. Let’s discuss about some people who have achieved great success today in Bollywood:

1. Ayushman Khurana ayushman-khurana

He started his career through MTV roadies, a famous reality show. He got so famous that soon he achieved success and entered into Bollywood as singer and actor. His first movie was Vicky Donor that was loved by many people and further he did many movies. He is the biggest example that success cannot be measure with the place where you live.

2. Vidya Balan



She is from a very small town in Kerala. The name of the town is even difficult to pronounce and it is a much unknown place. She first came in TV serial Hum Panch and showed her talent. She joined Bollywood with a beautiful appearance after a makeover. Today she is a renowned actress and gave many hit movies.

3. Sushant Singh Rajput


Everybody knows his name as he also started his career with TV industry. Then he gave Bollywood debut with movie Kai Po che. This was the biggest start to his career. No one can even imagine that a boy from Patna can achieved heights of success.

4. Irrfan Khan509002252

He is a very famous actor and performed almost every kind of role. People are big fan of his acting and even Hollywood people are shocked to see his acting work. He was a common person few years ago and his strong determination brought him here and he accepted every challenge in his career to reach at this place.

5. Amitabh Bachchan

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan during the launching of Hepatis-B campaign in Mumbai on Monday. PTI Photo by Santosh Hirlekar (PTI11_23_2015_000260A)


You will be shocked to hear that this person to whom every single person knows was a common man from Allahabad. He struggled a lot to reach here. After knowing his story you will start believing that if a person has inspiration to do something, he can definitely achieve it even if he does not have enough resources for that. Today, everyone knows this person and he is famous as Bollywood Legend.

6. Rajnikant1436852501208

He is the god for South Indian people. He was a simple Bus conductor before entering into Bollywood industry. Born in Bangalore, this simple person is today well renowned not only in south Indian film industry but also in Hindi film industry. People feel privilege to work with him today. He is ranked among the highest paid actors of Bollywood.

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