Bhangarh fort is a 17th century fort located at the border of Sariska tiger reserve in Rajasthan. Maan Singh 1 built this fort for his grandson Madho Singh 1. Golakbaas is the closest village to this fort. This fort has been declared haunted by the ASI (Archeological Survey of India) and no one is allowed to spend night at this fort. It is said that when a person dies an unjustified death, he returns as a ghost.

There are two versions of stories that explain the history behind the haunted fort.

Story of Baba Balu Nath:


Baba Balu Nath was a sadhu (saint) who lived in that forest area before the town was built.   When the town was being constructed he was asked his opinion about the new town construction. He was too secretive person and replied that yes I am fine with it unless the shadow of the palace doesn’t touch me. These words became curse for the town when the Prince of Bhangarh raised the walls. The walls created restriction of sunlight to sadhu’s place and this led to the destruction of the town and the fort.

Story of Rani Ratnavati and Singhia( black magic wizard):


Rani Ratnavati was the beautiful and intelligent princess & as soon as she turned 18 there were lots of wedding offers for her.  Singhia also was the one who wanted to get married to this beautiful lady but knowing the fact that he is not a prince and stand no chance for her, he took another path to get closer to the princess and that was by black magic. Once he saw a princess buying perfume with her friends, he changed the bottle of perfume with love potion. When the princess sensed the trick of the wizard she threw the bottle on a large rock and the erosion spread towards the wizard and crushed him slowly. He cursed the whole city before dying that the whole city will be destroyed and every one living in the city will be dead soon. Somehow this curse came to life when Mughals from the north invaded the city and approx. 10000 people living in the city were killed including the princess as well. Ghost of princess and the wizard haunt that place. It is said that the spirit of princess is with the spirit of the wizard.


The entrance of the fort is completely ruined and it gives you chills while crossing the path. There are certain paranormal activities that have been reported during night. There are number of palaces, and temples within this city. The Royal palace which is haunted is at the end of the fort. People around the fort claims to hear the sounds of crying lady, breaking of bangles, crying music etc. And the weirdest instant is the perfume smell sensed from the fort. The doors are closed after sunset till the sunrise as it is believed that if you will visit this fort during this time, you will never come back.

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