It’s a south Indian state also known as Keralam and famous for its spices, palm lined beaches and backwaters. A lot of seaside resorts offer Ayurvedic treatments for different problems. You can also enjoy the most amazing non vegetarian food items in Kerala like chicken, mutton, beef, pork, and sea food like prawns oysters sardines etc.

Some of the basic food items are:




A tangy flavored soupy curry served with rice is really common in Kerala. Rasam is made of a mixture tamarind juice well diluted with chilly and pepper corn powders



It’s a side dish made up of pumpkin drumsticks, potatoes chilly and coconut sauce. Some people also add jackfruit mango and cashew nuts to increase its richness.



It tastes best with stew. These are soggy pancakes made from fermented rice batter with crispy edges. Adding coconut milk and curry leaves to the stew can improve the taste.

Banana chips:


Fry or dry, add sugar or honey or salt or spices banana chips and be eaten in many ways. These are made from unripe bananas. If you fry these banana chips in coconut oil, local people call it Upperi. Upperi can also be made up from ripe banana. Banana chips are globally famous because of its different flavors available.

Tapioca chips:


Tapioca is a attach food in its purest form. These are small flakes cooked in spices or boiled well to be consumed. These chips are almost same like potato chips that are fried well in coconut oil and mixed with different spices.



Payasam can be cooked with rice, wheat, or vermicelli. It is a sweet dish cooked well in milk and sugar. And another way to cook Payasam is mixing dal rice or wheat with jaggery and coconut milk and seasoned with spices. Payasam is last served after meal on banana leaf that enhances its taste.



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