Punjab is a state known as heart of Sikh community and with most of the agricultural industries. The five rivers Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab, and Jhelum explain the origin of the word Punjab which means state of 5 rivers. A visit to Punjab means forgetting about your fancy life and entering the “desi” world which includes makki di roti, saag, butter chicken, lassi etc. You need to cut out the word diet from your dictionary if you are visiting Punjab. You will listen to Punjabi slang in every word which you will find very interesting.
Some of the most interesting things you can do in Punjab are

1. Visit to Wagah border:


Wagah border gives you the proud moment of witnessing retreat ceremony that shows the spirit of love and enthusiasm among soldiers. The energy level of both sides of the soldiers gives you chills and the best part is cheering crowd from both sides that leaves a mark in the heart of tourists

2. Golden Temple:


It is located in Amritsar that attracts people all over the world and is built by fifth Sikh guru Arjun dev. Its beautiful structure is made of gold surrounded with sarovar. It is a must visit place for peace of mind and to experience Sikh culture.

3. Jutti:


Jutti is Punjabi style shoe worn by both men and women with traditional Punjabi attire. You can find Jutti in large quantities in Punjab made from leather i.e. simple and embroidered.

4. Shopping:


Most happening city in Punjab for shopaholics is Patiala. The heavy phulkari dupatta and typical cute Punjabi jewelry like jhumkis, Bali’s etc. are loved by Punjabis a lot. These dupattas and jewelry items are purchased a lot by punjabans and cherished by everyone.

5. Visit to Sukhna Lake:


Located in Chandigarh, a man-made lake that provides you complete leisure. You can enjoy boating with two types of boats available i.e. two seater and 4 seater. You can opt for shikara ride. You can get your portrait made by professionals – live sketching. You can also get these portraits printed on mugs or any item for memories. There is also a jogging track and the best thing here is viewing the sunset and sunrise that gives you a unique peace of mind.

6. Rural Olympics:


It is a sports festival that includes rural sports of Punjab like cart racing, rope pulling etc. This festival is held near Ludhiana Kila Raipur. Visiting here will make you realize the passion and enthusiasm of the people over sports. People from all over the world come here to see the special and different breeds of bullocks, dogs, camels etc.

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