Elephanta an Island in Mumbai also called as Gharapuri Island, Place of Caves or Pory Island that is in south of Mumbai. It is an Island in Mumbai Harbour. This Island is a popular tourist destination in Mumbai that is carved out of rock & very beautiful. Boat or ferry is easily available to explore the Island & experience the beauty of the place. It has thick palm, tamarind & mango trees there. This is a prime landmark of the city. It is said to be a worthy place to visit if in Mumbai as it provides great view of Mumbai which is away from chaos of the city. It is very calm & quiet place with too many monkeys so one must avoid bringing food there. Elephanta Caves is a must visit in Elephanta Island the temple tells all kinds of ancient stories attached to it. There are several caves you can visit on this Island. There are around 5 to 7 caves. It is near Gate of India & is easy to reach as ferry service is available.

The main attraction of Elephanta Cave is the cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which includes Shivling, Trimurti & Ardhnareshwar. Try to get some good pictures of the place as a memory of the stoned caves & the Island. Lets break the curiosity of Elephanta Island that many people might be having, there is not sculpture of any elephant on the Elephanta Island it was just named by the Portuguese in the 7th Century. Monkeys’ are all what you will find there. Elephanta caves are declared the world heritage site by UNESCO. An amazing dance festival takes place at Elephanta Island so one can really enjoy the time of festivals in Mumbai by visiting Elephants Islands. A statue of Lord Shiva in Elephanta Cave shows Shiva bringing the Ganges River down to the Earth. The beauty of the stone work is impeccable with every different statue in the Elephanta Caves.


The boat ride to Elephanta Island is of an hour but is worth the wait. The caves are remarkable as it is all handmade & is very appreciative. There are shops there in the Elephanta Caves where you can buy handmade stuff as a memory.

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In short the cave temple is the study of Hindu God’s, history & Hindu Mythology which one must be aware of. The Mahesamurti Cave is the most attractive cave of all the caves there. The best time to visit these caves is between November to March & one must avoid visiting these caves in monsoon months as they become slippery. The caves are open from 9am to 5pm on all days except on Mondays. A trip to Mumbai is said to incomplete if you don’t visit Elephanta Island.

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