Indians are known for their love for food and because of the diversity of culture that exists in the country, the food delicacies available too are diverse in nature. One might know a lot about the food that is common across the country, but a true food lover would know that the best is always unknown. Below are some of these dishes which are a must try:

1. DhuskaScreen-Shot-2015-12-15-at-6.33.50-pm-1024x588

This traditional dish is from the state of Jharkhand and is usually prepared while the festive season is on. It is a deep fried batter of lentil and ground rice and is usually consumed for breakfast. It also has a filling of minced green peas along with chilies. It is at its best when served with tomato chutney which is actually spicier than the dish itself.

2. Kanchipuram Idlidsc_0023

This is a variety of idli which is very popular in South India. It is seasoned with ginger, pepper, green chilli, cumin seeds, curry leaves, cashew nuts and various other spices which makes its taste very different from the normal idlis.

3. PanjiriPanjiri-2-e1453457719444

Famous is the state of Punjab, it is a nutritious snack which is made using rich ingredients such as whole wheat flour, sugar, ghee, herbal gums and dry fruits. Not only does it taste good but also helps to prevent fever and cold.

4. Achappamachappam-recipe.1024x1024

For all the sweet lovers, this is a famous dish from Kerala, their very own version of the Rosette cookies. It is a combination of rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and eggs which gives it a heavenly taste.

5. Phagshapa240e6317f00fdac849d963709f04ba93

The dish from the land of peace and tranquilty, Sikkim, it is sure to leave you awestruck with each bite. It is a dish of pork, radish stew and chili, and not only does it tickle the taste buds, but also gives a warm feeling when consumed on a cold winter day.

6. Patishaptaimage5

Bengali’s in India are known to have a sweet tooth. Every Bengali household is bound to serve Sandesh or rasogulla with tea to every guest coming in. however, there are various other sweets as well which they specialize in. One such is Patishapta which is an Indian version of the crispy crepes. These have a coconut filling and are stuffed with jaggery which just adds to the taste and makes one crave for it more.

7. PooraHaah1039059685-3476e1d17f-b1

If one thinks that roast ducks are to be saved specially for Christmas, then they need to visit the Anglo-Indian households in Arunachal Pradesh. This dish is actually a whole duck which is roasted and served on a bed of rice with crispy potatoes. It is a wintry dish and send people on a gastronomic journey which is simply unforgettable.

8. Sidu9b34ed3d887ca88acd13cea7a72677d0

It is a dish from Himachal Pradesh and resembles calzone a bit. The bread is made using wheat flour and is kneaded with yeast. After this the dough is allowed to rise for like 5 hours and then browned over a slow fire after which it is steamed. What is best is that one can have stuffing of one’s own choice and enjoy this with coriander chutney.

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