The state of Goa reminds us of its famous beaches, tourism and beautiful churches. It’s a fascinating place for the foreigners. Goa also seems to be of interest for the paranormal investigators. References have been taken of few real horror stories of some places in Goa.

1. The Three King Church


There is a village named cansaulim in south Goa which has a church known as “three kings church “. This is the most haunted church in Goa as per to the localities. A banquet is planned by the villagers on every 6th January. They say that this church is conquered by three malevolent kings who were killed due to revenge.

2. Janki bandh


Janki bandh is one of the most haunted places in Goa situated in navelim. It is said that a school bus full of students went of the little culvert that linked the road between navelim and drampur. All children and passengers died due to the driver’s mistake. Few days after that mishap people claim to hear wailing and haunting cries of the children in that dead spot.

3. D’ mello house

D'mello house

This house has a sad past. Accompanying it, noises like thrashing of utensils, haunted cries and out bursts reveal the presence of spirits. Localities say that two brothers had a feud regarding the division of ancestral property. Violent conflicts rose which became the reason for the death of one brother. Since then the d’ mello house experiences spiritual threat and curse. Due to this no one is ready to buy this haunted house and the family members couldn’t conquer the estate.

4. Baytakhol


This place is conquered by paranormal activities between dhavali and bori. People have witnessed these activities since long time and still continue to witness it. The ghost of an infant is often seen in this area. People have seen an infant girl standing in the middle of the road, standing and screaming. Next when the turn their head, nothing is behind. The eerie sound of the ghost make the people lose their control from vehicle that results in accidents in this spot.

5. NH 17


The story of this highway will leave you with Goosebumps and you will be dumbstruck! It is also known as the haunted Mumbai – Goa highway. The highway is haunted by witches who live on meat, flesh and blood. Localities advice not to carry meat at night especially after 12 am. There is a real incident that took place on this highway. A couple was carrying non – vegetarian items inside the car and was driving on this highway. Suddenly the lights of the car started turning on and off and it got out of control. They anyhow managed to stop the car. After they got out of the car, the door suddenly got locked from inside. After a while black fumes started coming out of the car. Then the husband tried to open the door which to his surprise was opened. As the husband got in to check, he found the food was all gone. Right after that he ran out when he heard his wife scream loud. She had scratches all over her face and neck.

Darkness is the sign of negative powers. Thus we must admit that spirits do exist and if you are a keen visitor of haunted places then do add up these places in your visiting list.

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