Indian constitution is a sort of rule book that specifies the rules which are to be followed for the governance of the country. The consitituent assembly was formed in the year 1946. A lot of discussions and debates took place at that time and after these the leaders came up with the final draft of the constitution of India. The Constitution was legally enforced on the Republic Day in January, 1950. But, there are many facts about the constitution which no one knows about. Let us let you know such facts!

1. Prem Behari Narain Raizada wrote the original constitution of India in a flowing Italics handwriting and each page of the original constitution was decorated plus beautified by the artists from Shantiniketan!


2. The original English and Hindi Constitution has been kept in Parliament Library, in special helium cases.

3.Indian constitution is the longest written constitution of the world. It contains  25 parts which has 12 schedules and 448 articles.339840702

4. 2 years, 11 months and 18 days were taken by the constituent assembly to come with the final draft of the Indian constitution.

5. When the final draft was put for discussion and debate, more than 2000 amendments were made before the finalisation


6. The Constitution which was handwritten was signed by 284 members out of which 15 were women. It was signed on 24th of January and came into force from 26th January 1950.


7. The Indian Constitution is considered as a bag of borrowings as the makers took inspiration from several other constitutions before making this.


8.The preamble to the Indian Constitution is inspired by the USA Constitution.


9. The Indian Constitution is also called the best constitution in the world, as from 62 years of its adoption it had been amended just 94 times. Till now, it has been amended 100 times




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