Known as the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi is a must visit place for all. There are thousands of temples in this historical city and it is every travellers dream whether it is India or abroad. Varanasi is also known as Benaras or Kashi. Varanasi is highly colourful and the cultural hub of India. You can hear the chanting for Lord Shiva in each and every street here. Though everyone can tell regarding the things you must do here, let us tell you some of the things you should not do in Varanasi!

1. No partying at ghats or PDA!


Getting drunk at the ghats or the personal display of affection at the ghats can put you in serious trouble. The Ganges has a sentimental value to the residents, and so abstain from urinating or showing disrespect to the river.

2. Just do not disrespect or hit the bulls

Varanasi or Kashi is the city of Lord Shiva and so the Nandis (Bulls) rule here. Just do not hit the bulls or show disrespect towards them. This is a point you must keep in mind as you will find bulls in every street of Varanasi and so it is a point you must remember.

3. Never say no to Kachauris here

Varanasi is very famous for Kachauris, tea, lassi and other food items. A typical breakfast in the city surely comprises of Kachauris with pickles and vegetables. So just enjoy it and never say no to the Kachauris.

4. Take time and enjoy the paan

Varanasi’s pan is very famous and different from rest of the country. You can easily get Benarasi betel leaf in many parts of the country but the way the paanwallas prepare it here is just unique. The manner to fold and prepare the paan here is just incredible. The paan shops here are also meeting points for the people to socialise and have some good time. So just keep some time in hand while you visit the paan shops to enjoy the delicious paan.

5. Just do not rush when you are here

While the other cities of India may be in hurry or may appear super busy, Varanasi has its own unique pace. You might be amazed to know that the people in Varanasi are in no hurry. From the shopkeepers, to paanwallas and sweetmeat sellers, everyone takes life easy and is not in hurry. So, they do not like to be advised by the strangers or outsiders on the same. So, on a visit here, just keep this in mind.

Keeping all these points in mind will prove to be a great help when you visit the great city and will help you make the most of the trip to the ancient city. So, just pack your bags and get going!

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