During summer season, weather gets very humid & wet. People think of visiting some coldest places to get rid of hot weather and humid environment. There are many places in India that are known for their best cold weather and many tourists visit such places during summer season. Such weather is found in hilly areas and places similar to such areas. Let’s discuss some of the coldest places of India in detail:

1. Dras:


It is located in Jammu & Kashmir and is regarded as second coldest place on the earth. You can also call it by name Gateway of Ladakh and it is a perfect place if you are thinking of trekking to Amarnath, Saliskot or Suru Valley. You can visit here anytime to enjoy the cold weather of this place.

2. Kargil


Yes, Kargil also comes under coldest places of India located at the banks of Indus River with a temperature level below -48 degree Celsius. The adjoining areas of Kargil include Pashkum, Mulbek etc. that one must visit to have an enjoyable trip. Mulbek is a very interesting place to visit in Kargil and enjoy the weather.

3. North Sikkim


You will find a famous and tallest peak of the world here known by the name Kanchenjunga. The temperature here is below -40degree Celsius. Other places that are scenic at this place include Tundra and beautiful waterfalls. You must also visit Yumthang valley, Lachung Monastery, Zero point and Crows Lake etc. You can enjoy your summer vacations after coming to North Sikkim and its adjoining beautiful places

4. Hemkund Sahib


It is located in Uttrakhand and is famous pilgrim spot of Sikhs. You can also call this place by a name Gurudwara Sri Hemkund Sahib Ji. There are seven clad snow peaks that are comprises of Nishan Sahib and its adjoining area includes glacial lake. People also come here for trekking and it is covered with snow during winter season. You will find here a valley of flowers national park that includes beautiful flowers. These attractions are the reason that many people visit this place every year.

5. Spiti


The word Spiti has been known by the meaning Middle land. It is the land that is located between India and Tibet. You can find many popular things here such as yak Momos, Ki & Tabo and various other monasteries. It may not be as popular as Leh Ladakh but it is a very beautiful place to visit during summer season. You will also find the traces of Buddhist culture at spiti, similar to that is found in Tibet and Ladakh.

Above are few 5 places that are discussed in detail with the reasons as why one should visit them. You need not spend your summers in vain as there are numerous coldest places in India that will make your summers enjoyable rather than feeling humid and hot.

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