For nature lovers, Jharkhand is the paradise and is famous for its unparalleled beauty. You can enjoy scenic views, waterfalls, greenery, and colorful culture of Jharkhand. There are many places in Jharkhand that you should never miss if you really want to see actual beauty of nature. Here are the five places:

1. Ranchi


It is famous for its beautiful waterfalls. God has blessed this place with natural beauty and resources. There are many beautiful waterfalls and some of them are famous all over the world. You must have heard about Hundru Falls, Kanke Dam, Jagannath temple, Deer Park, Sun Temple, and Ranchi Lake etc. These are some places one must see for having an amazing experience.

2. Jamshedpur


This place is famous not only for industrial development but also for many beautiful places for nature lovers. It is the place where first time iron & steel company was developed. You will be surprised to know the fact that besides such industrial development, this place is full of scenic beauty and rich in greenery. You can feel the beauty of numerous nature attractions here and enjoy an eco-friendly environment. Some famous places include Jubilee Park, Dimna Lake, Jayanti Sarovar, Bhatia Park, Parsee Fire Temple, Bhuvaneswari Temple etc.

3. Deoghar


It’s the place famous for its beautiful temples and considered as pilgrim place for the followers of Hindu. You will find that temples here are located in beautiful scenic environment. Where can you find such an enjoyable environment? Once you visit these places, you will love the peaceful environment here. These places include Shivganga, Basukinath, Mayurakshi River, Nandan Pahar, Hathi Pahar, Kundeshwari, Rikhia Yogasharam etc.

4. Hazaribagh


This place is full of flora and fauna environment as the name suggests its meaning. You can enjoy thousands of Parks here which are full of nature. It is very popular for beautiful parks and greenery everywhere. It is located approx. 2019 feet above the sea level and every year numerous people visit here to see the beauty of gardens. Some of these places include Canary Hills, Hazaribagh lake,Salparni, Urban Haat,Silwar, Suraj Kund, Konar Dam and Isco Rock Art etc.

5. Dhanbad


This place is well known all over the world and rank 79 among the cities that are developing at faster pace all over the world. You can say it is the coal capital of India because this place is famous for its coal refineries. You may not find any information about the history of this place but current developments can be seen by everyone. The famous places here include Charak Pathar, Parasnath Temple, Maithon Dam, Bhatinda fall, Panrra etc.

Above are few places in Jharkhand where you can collect maximum memories of your wonderful experiences. These places are damn beautiful and you can feel calm and relaxed while sitting there.`

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