Karnataka is one such state in India which has numerous getaways for even those days when it is pouring heavily outside. The state receives heavy rainfall and is home to rainwater harvesting project which is one of the largest in the world. Here are top 10 monsoon getaways in this beautiful state:

1. Agumbe


It is one of the most popular treks during monsoon in not only Karnataka but whole of South India. The prime attraction are the valleys and mountains which are filled with waterfalls and the ruins of temples which date back to the Empire of Hoysala. After one has trekked to the high point of the hills, one can visit the gallery to enjoy the sunset as well as the Arabian sea with a hot cup of Vanilla flavored tea.

2. Coorg


It is a popular hill station which is famous as the Scotland of India because of its beautiful hilly setting. During the months of July and August when it is monsoon here, the entire town turns into a picturesque green paradise with a pleasant and cool weather. It is also the best time to go for water sports here such as river rafting.

3. Sharavathi River Valley and Jog Falls


This is one of the prettiest water body in Karnataka where the Sharavathi river valley, Jog Falls, the reservoir, the National Highway 206 and the Shola forests together give a very dreamy sight. Jog falls happens to be the second tallest plunge waterfall in India and is a major tourist attraction during the monsoon. The waterfall has four cascades which merge into one waterfall and is further beautified by its lush green surroundings.

4. Maravanthe


It is a village on the National Highway 66 situated between the Arabian Sea and Sauparnika river which makes it a spectacular scene during the monsoon. During the rains, one can witness the rowdy waves of the Arabian Sea on one side and the consistent rain falling hard over the fat flowing river. What is even better is that one is allowed to park the car here and enjoy it.

5. Jungles of Kabini


The specialty of this wildlife circuit of Karnataka is that when all other tiger reserves and national parks are closed down, one is still allowed to visit this place. So, for all those wildlife lovers who find monsoon to be a hindrance to their adventurous path, this is one place which keeps them going. In fact, it is the best time to spot leopard, elephants, wild dogs and tiger here apart from the obvious eye-catching peacock dance.

6. Kemmangundi


A part of Karnataka’s tallest mountain range, this place is very rich in terms of diversity and natural bounty because of its flora and fauna. Not many people know of this beautiful place but it is a must visit. The Hebbe falls here in its full flow is worth visiting. However, one would need to trek a bit to reach this spot.

7. Sita Nadi

Sita Nadi River Rafting

It is only during monsoons that this short and ferocious river flows. Sita Nadi is known as one of the famous spot for river rafting in the state of Karnataka with its Class 3 and Class 4 rapids. One can camp in nature after having a tiring day of rafting. One can also go trekking to the Kudlu Teertha falls if one has ample time.

8. Hogenakkal Falls


Many people are under the impression that the Hogenakkal falls is in Tamil Nadu, but what they do not know is that the water is shared by both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka equally. The canyon of Hogenakkal with its waterfalls get a Niagara like look during the monsoons. One can see the mighty Cauvery at its ferocious best here during the peak of monsoons.

9. Kumara Parvatha


The place is believed to be one of many homes of Lord Subramanya and on visiting this place one does get the feeling of being in Green Heaven. It is among the favorites of people who are nature lovers and frequent trekkers. During the monsoons, the place turns completely green and after one has reached the top, they are above the clouds which is an amazing feeling in itself.

10. Skandagiri


At a distance of 70kms from the capital city of Karnataka, one can visit this place. One can have the much needed break here which is a combination of history, adventure and of course, rain. It is an amazing place to get those insights into the rural life, trekking to the top of the hill and touching the clouds and witnessing an ancient fort which dates back to the 18th century. The place has something for everyone. Trekking here is not very difficult and thus even beginners can easily go for it and have the panoramic view of the valley.

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