India has always been known for its vast culture and this culture mix has given rise to a variety of dishes. These may sound as an everyday food for the people residing in India, but if you are visiting India and your taste buds just love that non-vegetarian side, these are some of the must try non-vegetarian dishes that you must try:

1. Pork Vindaloo


The state of Goa has not only given us good life but also this amazing dish. The Portuguese influence in this area has led to a heavy use of vinegar in this meat of pork. It is served with either chicken or lamb with a mix of potatoes. In Goa, where this dish originally originated, it is made in a dry sauce dish with the use of vinegar, garlic, pork fat, Kashmiri chilli and jagegry. It is recommended to consume it the next day of preparation. It goes well with both rice and Indian breads.

2. Malabar Parotta & Beef fry


Though it is a specialty of Kerala, it is famous all over south India. Parotta is a multi-layered flat bread inspired from “Laccha Parotta” of the north while the Beef fry is not a fry as the name suggests but a spicy dry roasted form of beef. This combination of Parotta and beef is a must try if you are visiting south India.

3. Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

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The city of Nawabs is famous for its Biryani and if you are a non-vegetarian, then this biryani is a must have for you. The natives of Hyderabad like to call it their original biryani eaten by the Nizams and Mughals which is made using either chicken or mutton.

4. Bhapa Ilish


This is a Bengali dish which is basically steamed Hilsa fish. There are various dishes made using this fish but this turns out to be the signature dish made by the Bengalis from Bangladesh. It is a traditional fish curry which is made using mustard paste. It requires expertise since if the gravy is not cooked properly, it can turn bitter easily. It is best experienced when had with steamed rice.

5. Laal Maas


Rajasthan may be known for the Rajputs and dominance of vegetarian cuisine, this non-vegetarian dish makes it stand out because of its red hot preparation which is a must try. The dish si made in a thick/semi gravy mutton curry with some curd and loads of red chillies. The Rajasthanis use a special chilli called the Mathania red chilli which gives it a deep red color.

6. Raan Musalla


It is an Awadhi cuisine which is chased by every meat lover. It is prepared by slowly cooking the leg of the lamb in an open pot and is then mixed with a paste made from rich yoghurt. This kind of delicacy never ceases to amaze people with its “Shahi” beauty and amazing taste.

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