Rajasthan is a state of Northern India which shares border with Pakistan. It’s a place with ample of Palaces and Forts that reminds us about the history. Few of them were constructed around 15th century. There are so many facts about Rajasthan that, if I start writing about them, it will take me 2 days to complete it with about 150 pages of data only comprising of facts about Rajasthan. But you must be wondering,  what are the craziest and most amazing facts of Rajasthan.We have sorted  few of the facts that will make you say “Oh My God ! Ye Mera India”. Some fact’s are informational while some are wonderful and some may be a bit creepy. Rajasthan’s facts are as vivid as colors of rainbow itself.

1. 2nd Longest Wall of the World


As you all know that World’s longest wall is in China, but what do you know about the 2nd longest wall? Rajasthan has the World’s 2nd longest wall and is spread over 38 Kms. This wall belongs to Kumbhalgarh Fort which is 2nd largest fort of Rajasthan. One more thing that may interest you is that there are about 360 temples inside that wall and it has only 7 gateways. This Fort was the birth place of Maharana Pratap.

2. Highest Number of Borders

It is the largest state of India, but it is not just this. Rajasthan has the highest number of borders shared with other states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and 3 states of Pakistan. You can say Rajasthan is as big as half Pakistan itself.

3. Ramayan and Mahabharat

How many of you were aware about the importance of Rajasthan for these epic battles?  Only a few know that Lord Ram as well as all the Pandvas were born in Rajasthan. Obviously at that time it wasn’t called by that name but currently those places are in Rajasthan. Also just 10 Kms from Jodhpur (a city in Rajasthan) was the home of Mandodri, wife of Lord Ravana.

4. World’s only Inhabited Fort

Jaisalmer Fort stands amongst the few largest fortifications of the World. It was built in 1156 AD, and the amazing fact is that the the decendents of the Masharja still resides in that Fort. The Fort also has an inbuilt hotel just in case you would like to stay.

5. The Bullet Temple

Rajasthan has the only temple in the world, where a motorcycle is worshiped. In the year 1988 Om Singh died in an accident on that bike, then after despite of many attempts by the police they could not move the bike even a bit. It is believed that the soul of late owner Om Singh still resides inside the bike. A temple was created over the bike and the bike is now worshiped by many everyday.

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