Tarakashi Jewelry or Silver Filigree Jewelry is a famous product of Odisha jewelry producers in Cuttack. These artisans have been creating these beautiful designs from generation to generation from time immemorial. There are hundreds of these expert crafts families in Odisha who make exquisite designs. The art of silver filigree work spread from Egypt and Mesopotamia to far-flung regions of Asia many centuries ago. The delicate beauty of Tarakashi is ideal as a gift for someone special in your life.tarakashi necklace set

Filigree work is a very intricate one and requires a tremendous amount of patience and eye for detail from a craftsman. The craftsman must first draw out long thin wires of silver. In olden times, this was done by hand. A craftsman would pound and pound on the silver on an anvil, till he got a thin wire. The thinnest two wires need to be heated and drawn over a moving Chakra or wheel. They are then again fused together by flattening again. The wire obtained from all these steps is then made into fabulous designs by hand. Today modern technology come to the rescue of the jewel maker with wire drawing machines to make his job simpler.    Craftsmanship-1-ST

Many parts and shapes are made and then attached together to make a beautiful piece of Tarakashi jewelry. Not just jewelry but Tarakashi work can be done on boxes, bags, spoons, and other utilitarian items. The skill required to shape the wires into delicate pieces is handed down from father to son. With just a pair of scissors and pincers, the expert can bend, fold and solder wire together to make a breathtaking design.tarakashi box

Jewelry in Tarakashi designs is very much in demand. You can find intricate birds, flowers, animals, in the pendants and necklaces made of this fine silver. You can also find toe rings, hair pins or brooches, bangles and anklets made from Tarakashi filigree work. The silver is so malleable that any design can be created from it. Men need not feel left out as the master craftsmen of Odisha make cufflinks and tie pins also!b 006_close

You will find Konark Temple souvenirs made of Tarakashi work. Gods and Goddesses and scenes from the Mahabharata on wood are very popular too. Pick up a piece for your home when traveling through Odisha and keep your memories of your trip alive!Konark_sun_temple_06

The utilitarian items made of Tarakashi work are also equally beautiful. You may find kumkum boxes, betel nut boxes decorated with Tarakashi work. The lovely silver spoons with Tarakashi work is a wonderful gift! You could buy one for your little baby’s first meal. Find incense holders decorated with Tarakashi work for the pooja room and also jewelry for Gods and Goddesses to be used on festive occasions.B7

Today this beautiful silver jewelry is within your reach with the click of a button. Many of the craftsmen themselves have websites online for you to order the jewelry or other items. People in far off places can pick a piece and have it door delivered anywhere in the world. Don’t wait till you go to Odisha, find a retailer online today and find a truly unique gift!

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