Pondicherry is one of the very well known and popular tourist destination of South India! The coastal town is a pure magic and was a french colony till the year 1954. Pondicherry is a very small town yet, it has ample amount of things to explore. It is a perfect blend of Indian and French heritage and has many attractions. Not sure what to do in Pondicherry? No worries, let us help you out. Given are the 7 places that you must have on your list when you visit this amazing small town!

1. Aurbindo Ashram

It is a very well known landmark of pondicherry and a must visit when you go there. The ashram has become a prime destination for the tourists and attracts thousands of tourists from abroad too in the search of spiritual peace.

2. Promenade Beach

This beach is just fabulous and around 1.5 kms long. It is one of the main beaches of the town and is the perfect place to have a peaceful time with your dear ones or to go on an evening walk. The sights and the ambience is soothing and relaxes your mind.

3. Bharathi Park

You can go here after relaxing some time at the Promenade Beach. This park is near to Promenade beach and has abundant space for a leisure time. The park has picturesque beauty and is a perfect place to be at.

4. Chunnambar Boat House

This is not something which you should anyways miss. Boating in the calm waters can be a great experience and make your day. The great atmosphere and stable waters will offer you a very pleasurable ride be it on a jet ski or big ferry.

5. Healing Centre

If you want to rejuvenate and calm yourself, healing centre can be a great option to go for. From sound based healing to water based healing, you can get all here. This is surely an experience to enjoy once in your lifetime and in addition to this the treatment is all natural so no fear of any side effects.

6. Pondicherry Museum

This museum houses various archaelogical collections with the sculptors and paintings. There are also various bronze sculptors and statues present in the museum which you will enjoy looking at. Various handicraft items which are really beautiful are also displayed at the museum.

Apart from the tourists, Pondicherry is also a famous weekend destination for people of Chennai and nearby areas. So, this is a must visit town for a great time.

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