A prison is a place where people are cramped because of their awful deeds and anything that is against the law. These are recreational centres set up especially for criminals that help them to improve their behaviour so that they do not repeat such tasks in future. Basically it’s a room covered with three sides with no entertainment facility. India has prisons that are considered as deadliest. Let’s discuss some of the deadliest prisons

1. Cellular jail, port Blair:

Andaman Cellular Jail

It is also known as Kaala Pani located in Andaman and Nicobar Island and it is one of the scariest prisons in India. Its construction started in 1893 and the prison’s main entrance was decorated with cruel equipments to scare the inmates. It is known as cellular jail as each prisoner was put in a separate cell. For the first six months, each victim was confined to be alone and if someone complained, he was forced to wear a very rough cloth for three months that would scratch their skin. Moreover, the prisoners were asked to extract near about 2 pounds of coconut fibre every day and if they refuse, they were given cactus in place of coconut. Like this there are many serious punishments that make it a deadly prison.

2. Tihar Jail, New Delhi:

A policeman walks inside Tihar Jail in New Delhi March 11, 2013. REUTERS/Mansi Thapliyal

Tihar jail is the largest jail complex in South Asia with maximum security. The main purpose for Tihar jail was to turn inmates into normal ordinary citizens to be accepted by the society. Useful skills and education was also to be provided to the inmates rather than all this reality was completely opposite. There were more than 14000 inmates that included politician and business mans as well. There are many cases when prisoners tried to escape. Some got successful in escaping while some are caught. There is one incident that explains the cruelty of the officers that once a prisoner accidentally screamed on one of the officer and that officer gave orders to jail officials to kick him and beat him with sticks. After beating him badly, he was left injured and no one took initiative for his treatment. And after being beat up for long time he was left injured.

3. Yerwada jail:


It is the largest jail in Maharashtra spread over 512 acre. During freedom struggle, the Mahatma Gandhi was housing here. The great mastermind Ajmal Amir Kasab who was behind 26/11 terrorist act also hanged to death in this jail. Even the Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt completed his sentence here.

4. Puzhal central prison:


This is the scariest place as one of the inmates from this prison informed news channels that there was no water provided to the prisoners and mud was used to clean toilets. In case water was available they had to choose between bathing and cleaning their clothes. This jail is located in Chennai

5. Moradabad central jail:


It is an overcrowded prison with very less space. There are approx. 2200 inmates who sleep in shifts. 650 inmates can stay in the prison campus at one time. This jail is in Uttar Pradesh.

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