There are certain beaches in India that are less known and are less crowed yet worth visiting. Once you are tired of your daily routine life or tired of everything like music, parties, cell phones, friends, you should try visiting these beaches to enjoy the calmness. Let’s discuss some of these beautiful beaches that a person must visit:

1. Marti beach, Kerala:

INDIA. Kerala. Kovalam. 2016.

It is also known by the name Mararikulam beach. It is completely a paradise with crystal clear water, white sand and a coconut trees lined up on the shore. There are very few resorts situated at a distance. It’s is secret gem. You can also enjoy water activities here. This beach is not well known so there are no food stalls here as compared to other beaches and no commercial aspect to the beach. This is a perfect choice to get away from the crowd and heading towards peace.

2. Beach no.7, Andaman and Nicobar Island:


It is addressed as Radha Nagari beach by locals. This beach is not much visited by the tourist as it is not well known and has managed to control commercialization. You can try some great water activities like scuba diving or snorkeling here. This beach has the best diving schools in India. It’s a small island so you can hardly find anything to do here except getting lazy and relaxing.

3. Bangaram beach, Lakshadweep Island:


It is not as famous as Agatti beach because it is difficult to reach. But once you reach here you can enjoy a beautiful and great view of flora and fauna with vast variety of birds and wildlife. This is the only beach in Lakshadweep where you can drink. It is a perfect view for nature lovers. Turtle watch is beautiful. You can enjoy really nice and decent food at a very reasonable price.

4. Ranpar beach, Maharashtra:


All you will find on this beach is the local people and their small fishing boats. A pleasing view of endless blue sea and a wide area covered with sand is simply amazing. Laying lazy on the sand and smelling the fresh sea with cool wind breeze is an experience never to be missed for anything. This beach is very unpopular, so you may not find any picture of this place but it is surely to visit place.

5. Butterfly beach, Goa:


It sounds strange, but yes there is a non-popular beach in Goa. This beach is named as butterfly beach because a large amount of butterflies can be found here. This beach is surrounded by close compact plants, leaves and it is more of rocky beach as compared to other beaches of goa. You can also spot some beautiful dolphins on the way to butterfly beach. Best time to visit this beach is October to march. You can also enjoy a mesmerizing sunset away from crowd in peace.

These are some of the unknown places that are less popular yet beautiful. One should go there definitely and enjoy the beauty and calmness of the place.

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