It is a drink that can give you a cooling effect during summers and warm you up in winters. There are different types of tea available in market that can be healthier than any other drink as well as they can also fulfil your thirst.  Let’s discuss some tea that you should be drinking:

1. Oolong tea


This tea helps in activating enzymes that cuts down the blood fat. It has been proved that people who drink oolong tea burn more amount of fat than who drink large amount of water. The Ingredient named niacin is found in oolong tea that helps in body detoxification and its antioxidants can help in preventing tooth decay.

2. Black tea


If we measure 1 cup of black tea, it contains 40 milligrams of caffeine. It is counted as very high content but still there are many benefits. Antioxidants like the Arubigins and the Aflavins that help to lower the cholesterol level is found in black tea. Drinking black tea twice or thrice a day can lessen the chance of stroke by 21 percent.

3. Green tea

green tea

Green tea helps in preventing heart disease and cancer with a subgroup of the compound EGCG. Another antioxidant found in green tea is catechins. A single cup of green tea can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10 percent. Green tea intake thrice a day can also lead to weight loss.

4. White tea


This tea is a multitasker of teas. It contains catechins like green tea that helps in fighting cancer or any cardiovascular disease. In case of breast cancer white tea can reduce its reoccurrence. It has been proved by American Cancer society that white tea drinkers are survivor’s of breast cancer.

5. Chamomile tea


It is an ancient health solution. Its antioxidants can help in reducing the cancer cell growth or reformation and is also helpful in preventing diabetic side effects like vision loss, damaging of nerves or kidney damage. This tea is made of chamomile flower plant.

6. Echinacea tea


This tea helps in fighting illnesses like cold or any infection related to respiration. It has been proved that drinking Echinacea tea consumption for four month period can help in preventing infections for long period of time

7. Lemon ginger tea


Lemon pectin and limonene that helps in boosting immune system and ginger contains Zingiber. This combination of lemon and ginger makes it perfect to fight against infection and increase immunity. Salmonella bacteria can also be killed by consuming ginger lemon tea.

It is a wise option to give away soda and coffee and switch to tea. Since you can get different flavors and different health solution you can choose according to your need. If you have no idea from where to start and how to start, you can try green tea since it is common and healthy and you can also flavor it with a drop or two of lemon in it. Certain ingredients that are found in these tea but as per FDA you should not consume these are; Comfrey, ephedra, lobelia, willow bark, chaparral and germander.

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