India is a country of varied diversity along with vast area and population. The country gives its citizens many reasons to be proud of. There are many facts associated with India that all of us are aware of. Yet, there are some of the things about India that not all of us know. Let us tell you some of the lesser known facts of facts associated with India. Sometimes what all we hear is not true and so we have compiled a list to let you know some facts that will surely amaze you!

1. Hindi is not the national language of India. Yes, you heard it right! Hindi is one of the 20 official languages but not the national language!


2. India has the world’s largest network of post offices and India is the country to have a floating post office. Isn’t it something amazing?


3. USB was co-invented by an Indian American Architect. Various chip set improvements were made by the Indian American Architect Ajay V Bhatt. I know not all of you knew about this!


4. Before renovation occured, the salt lake stadium of India was the world’s second largest football stadium.


5. Rabindranath Tagore is not only known for writing the national anthem of our country but, he also wrote the national anthem of Bangladesh!


6. So as to prevent the practice of cattle smuggling to Bangladesh, the cows in the eastern state of West Bengal need ID cards.


7. In India you can get a personalized stamp for yourself!


8. Reaching Bangkok will take lesser time from Kolkata than from Mumbai.


9. Snapdeal Nagar is a place in the state of Uttar Pradesh! Snapdeal is not just a website in India. Strange but it is true


10. Terrorist Ajmal Kasab was charged for not having a train ticket on the platform


11. The first rocket was transported in India in a bicycle!


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