We all know Sanjeev Kapoor. He has a cult-following of adoring cookery fans. But is there anyone else who could come up to his level? The interest in cooking and chefs has increased tenfold with the airing of MasterChef. Here we list the 7 chefs we think you should be following!

1. Vikas Khanna


Can any list be complete without this handsome but shy Vikas Khanna topping the list? Khanna has his own female fan following with his exposure to Indian TV through MasterChef India. He was named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People Magazine in 2011. His restaurant ‘Junoon’ in New York City received Michelin stars recently. His Indian-International fusion cuisine is much sought after. He has played host to celebrities everywhere.

 2. Kunal Kapoor


The hard-hitting guy on early episodes of MasterChef India, he was the man everyone wanted to please! He has done many food shows on TV. His professionalism shines through in his brilliant presentations. He has won many awards and recently written “A Chef In Every Home.” He is the host of the TV show “The Foodie Comes to America” which is on TV in the USA. He has been a guest judge on Master Chef America with Gordon Ramsey. Kunal is known for his superb Indian curries, though he is also known to be expert at everything he cooks.

3. Saransh Goila


We all have seen Saransh on the FOODFOOD Channel. His show Roti Rasta aur India is one of the biggest food travelogues in India. He first came into the limelight when he won FOODFOOD Maha Challenge’s to become ‘India Ka Super Chef.’ The show was hosted by Sanjeev Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. Today, Saransh is a Resident Food Editor on the FOODFOOD channel and India’s youngest celebrity chef at 29.

 4. Ritu Dalmia


Today Rita Dalmia owns six restaurants in the New Delhi area. Rita is an expert Italian chef. She is co-partner in Riga Food which owns the restaurants. The company’s income is more than Rs. 15 crores. She hosts a TV show on NDTV Good Times Channel called “Travelling Diva” and has written many cookbooks. Her cooking journey began on a business trip to Italy when she was 16 and she hasn’t looked back since.

 5. Atul Kochar


He is one of the first Indian chefs to win a Michelin star. Born in India, he made a name for himself in England as the Indian chef who superbly creates wonderful flavors in modern Indian food. He runs the Benares Restaurant and Bar in London, which is rated the best Indian restaurant in the world. He has won many awards, written cookbooks and featured in television cooking shows, like “Curry On with Atul Kochar” for B4U.

6. Harpal Singh Sokhi


Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi is well known for his fun style of cooking. With a background in North Indian food growing up, he is popular for his fusion of Indian food and world cuisines. He also is a master of authentic Indian regional food. He is most known for his TV program Turban Tadka on the FOODFODD Channel. Harpal has interests in restaurants, co-authored cookbooks and can speak five languages.

 7. Shilarna Vaze


She is well known in the culinary world for her eco-food. She runs a restaurant in Goa with her cordon bleu husband Christophe called Gaia. Shilarna Vase is a sought after food caterer to the high and mighty in Goa along with her husband with Gaia Home Chef. She started her career by joining the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she met Christophe. You will have seen her on the TV show Sunny Side Up with her unusual but delicious fusion brunch recipes on FOODFOOD Channel.

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