If you are tired of the same old TV serials on TV, get your remote and bring out the popcorn because web series are here! No melodrama! No stereotypes! They are hot, young talent on low budgets but great ideas! Note the work of the brilliant production house of TVF aka The Viral Fever. This company was started in 2010 by Arunabh Kumar, who wanted to show that there is a lot more young talent besides the usual dramatic soaps we see on TV. There are a few other very capable young people out there, with great ideas, a low-budget video camera and lots of energy!

Here is a list of interesting web series made by our talented, young crowd – the future Indian!

Some of these serials would never make it on mainstream TV, but thanks to the Internet they get their niche audience!

1. Pitches


You loved Permanent Roommates by TVF, now they bring you this story of four friends and their start-up adventure. The show should ring a chord with young Indians anywhere in the world with its well-written dialogue and sharp editing. Laugh and love with this great series. This is by far the best series on the web right now.

2. I Don’t Watch TV


We Indians are obsessed with our celebrities. Watch Rithvik Dhanjani, Kritika Kamra, and Nakul Mehta poke cheeky fun at the Indian soap opera! This is a sardonic spoof of what happens in the world of TV actors when you switch off the TV. The series is brought to you by Arre.

3. Baked


This one is for the teens and twenties. Three friends at Delhi University face life as a midnight  food delivery service. Watch their misadventures as they learn about life and living in this comedy. If you enjoyed college life, you will enjoy this one whatever your age! It is a seven-part series, produced for you by Pechkas Pictures and ScoopWhoop Talkies.

4. Every Indian Husband In The World


Explore marriage and relationships with this comedy series. Take everything with a pinch of salt! If you enjoyed TVF’s Permanent Roommate, you will love this one too! This series is by Karl Katgara.

5. Bad Indian


This hilarious sitcom is a must watch! Laugh with Janaki our main character who gets into hot water over dating, job interviews and parents! The cultural divide between living in India and abroad is brought out in this enjoyable series. An Indian woman’s perspective of living in America is brought out lightheartedly. This web series was made in the USA.

6. Happy To Be Single


This is the first South Indian series. It’s a light look at a bunch of friends in Chennai and their romantic adventures. The series is bi-lingual, in Tamil and English.

7. Permanent Roommates


Brought to you by TVF, this is a brilliant series on Youtube about youth and romance. The second season just aired! Season one is also available.

8. Man’s World


This series by YFilms stars Gurpreet Saini. He manages to end up in a situation where he realizes how women feel when treated unfairly. This 4 episode series shows him realizing what it is to be a woman in a man’s world. The series is directed by Vikram Gupta.


Expect to see a lot more web serials, the action is just starting!

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