Sometimes you feel dullness, boredom and tiredness without any reason and you tend to behave monstrous to every little thing. When you start seeing yourself in such horrible behaviour that means you are leading towards depression. There are many simple solutions to get through such state like some eat chocolate to cheer up, some cook their favourite cuisine, some prefer talking to their dear one and some prefer travelling to enthusiastic and vibrant places. Some of the best places to visit places when you are feeling depressed are:

1. Pangaon Lake:


It’s a paradise in Himalayan hills about 134 km long. The water of this lake shares its water with Tibet region. It has been featured in many Bollywood movies because of its romantic view. Best part of this lake is you can enjoy clear view of sky & moon during night. Once you will sit there, you will feel lost in this beautiful scene for hours.

2. Chitrakoot falls, Jagdalpur:

Chitrakoot waterfall near Jagdalpur

Chitrakoot falls are 1000 feet wide, horse shoe shaped and the largest falls of our country. The cool water breeze makes you feel cold and the flow of water gives you the experience of soothing music for ears.

3. Mandvi, Gujrat:


Gujrat is always known for its cultural energy and its love for food and music. Splendid view of camel ride and sunset from Mandvi is a great and breath-taking experience. The beautiful windy beach of Mandvi lets you forget all the worries of the world. You can also visit monuments of Vijay Vilas palace and Shyamji Krishna Verma to enjoy the incredible architecture.

4. Mihirgarh, Rajasthan:

Mihir Gahr, Rajasthan, India

It’s a beautiful castle providing a luxurious stay. It is world’s most unique hotel situated in Thar dessert near Jodhpur. It’s a hotel that gives the appearance of sand castle.

5. Gorumura, West Bengal:


It is world’s best natural wildlife. It is a perfect destination to rejuvenate yourself and experiencing beautiful natural landscapes. This place is the perfect combination of landscapes & wildlife to enjoy.

6. Rumtek, Sikkim:


There is no big or calm tourist place than visiting a monastery and spending some time in peace, meditating and learning about spirituality .Rumtek is the largest monastery located at the border of India and Tibet. Tsurphu is original monastery in Tibet and Rumtek resembles exactly like it.

7. Kudremukh, Karnataka:


It is a beautiful town that receives rain for 6 months. It is a landscape covered with natural beauty of rivers. To avoid boredom, you can stay at the guest houses in forests for a calm view of waterfalls. It is also a good spot for trekking.

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