Rock Climbing is a very interesting activity for people who like doing adventures. There are amazing places in India where people can climb on natural rocks mountains or man made rock walls with a goal point to be reached without falling. Some of the best rock climbing destinations in India is:

1. SAR pass, Himachal Pradesh:


An astonishing mountain covered with snow is one of the most popular destinations for rock climbers. Even if it is one of the most difficult destinations for rock climbing yet it is always crowded with the climbers. Best time to enjoy rock climbing here is summer with visible mountains.

2. Miyar valley, Himachal Pradesh:


It is also known as valley of flowers, located at the border of Leh. It is a breathtaking rock climbing experience that will make you speechless. It’s luxurious, beautiful views of mountains with tiny villages beside the river flowing is a charming view.

3. Shey rock, Kashmir:


Shey is that part of Kashmir that can show you the real heavenly beauty of Kashmir. Though Kashmir is not largely explored, it has some challenging and worth climbing rock formations with fabulous view. Moreover, the view of panorama from the top is stunning.

4. Badami, Karnataka:


A delightful experience for the climbers with its red sandstone formation that make it the best place in India for bolted rock climbing. It’s a dangerous and challenging climbing and strictly not recommended for beginners. You need to pass a physical and mental test given by the experts to start climbing. You can also visit the beautiful cave temples in the rocks.

5. Madhugiri, Karnataka:


This mountain is 3930 feet high that makes it Asia’s second largest monolith. It is located at Tumkur town of Karnataka. The most challenging part is to climb the steep fort that will lead you to a speechless view of the town from the top.

6. Hampi, Karnataka:


This place is like a paradise for rock climbers. It is also famous for some ancient temples located in mountains. The best time to visit Hampi is from October to February.


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