It has been observed that the religious places situated in Islam are not only good for worship but also for learning purpose too. Many new elements have been introduced under Islamic rules that led to development of many memorable places by Mughal emperors. Some of the Islamic tombs famous in India are:

1. Taj Mahal Agra:


One of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a miracle known for its evidence of love and romance built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is famous for its craft work and outstanding structure that shows the work and talent of ancient people. It took around 12 years and 20000 people to build this great piece of art. Completely covered with white marble this tomb is worshipped in the name of love. The symmetrical sketch can be completely seen when the sun rays hit the marble.

2. Jama masjid, Delhi:


Jama masjid is famous mosque in Delhi because it is the largest among all. It is considered to be the most visited tomb by the tourist. It is the last architectural complex constructed by emperor shah Jahan. It took 6 years of construction with heavenly structure and constructed by more than 5000 workers. It consists of 3 gates, 4 towers, and two 40metres high Minars. Its walls are made of red sandstone and white marble. Its courtyard is big enough for 25000 worshipers to worship once at a time. It took around 1 million approx. to construct this beautiful mosque.

3. Huma Yun tomb, Delhi:


Known for its unique Mughal architecture. Tourist visiting this tomb has declared it to be the most surprisingly amazed tomb located in Nizamuddin East Delhi. This tomb is inspired by Persian architecture. Its height is 47feet and width is 91 metres. It is built in the contrast of red and white combination, the exterior dome is pure in white and rest of the building is made of red sandstone with white and black marble. Huma Yun’s Persian wife Hamida begum started the construction of her husband’s tomb in Delhi from 1562 to 1572. On Indian sub-continent, first time garden was constructed on this tomb.

4. Qutub Minar:


It is situated in Mehruli, Delhi and it is 75 meters in height. It is made from red sandstone and marble. The construction was started by Qu tub Ud Din Aibak to complete this Minar. Later on his son in law Iltumish made additional efforts by adding three storeys to the tower. You can find different and unique prints engravings in Arabic and Nagari characters. Tomb has been repaired a lot many times by Firoz Shah, Sikander Lodi, and R. Smith at different times.

5. Tugluquabad fort, Delhi:


this fort was built by Ghiyas ud din Tughlaq spread on 6kms in Delhi. It is also known as ruined fort. Its city walls are filled with broken fragment of rocks which is the typical feature of the monument of Tughlaq dynasty. These walls are 10-15 metres high. On top of the wall there is a barrier which acts as an extension strengthened by strong hold that acts as a fortification built to allow defensive fire in several directions.

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