Hill station cafes have something special among them- a perfect combination of romance and the joint to appease your hunger. Be it gourmets, sandwiches, pizzas or simply the hot chocolate, they house it all which gives you the energy to gear up for the challenges ahead of the day. Here are some of the most iconic cafes in hill stations that you can find in India.

1. Drifter’s Café, Manali


Situated in the older part of Manali, Drifter’s Café is the typical example of a ‘hill café ‘. Its interiors are adorned with posters of famous English rock bands, with romantic music being played in the background and to top it all the delicious aroma of the food. Popular for its continental, American and Indian food get yourself a table enjoy the Chicken Stroganoff and watch the people of Manali go by its day.

2. Seed Café, Dharmasala


Situated in Jogiwara Road in Mcleod, Seed café is a great place to sit down and enjoy your meal amidst the hustle and bustle that you generally find at the numerous food joints situated around here. Gaze at the Dhauladhar mountains, read a book, sip a coffee and enjoy your meal and you will be pleasantly surprised as to what an enriching experience it will be.

3. Keventer’s, Darjeeling


Located opposite the clock tower in Darjeeling, Keventer’s is a name that moves in sync with Darjeeling. The sunny terrace, wooden tables and the iron chairs which makes for the cozy ambience have been portrayed in numerous Bollywood films What isn’t shown is the variety of food on offer, with its delectable sausages taking the prize. Go for the typical English breakfast with an orange juice, a poached egg, bread and sausages and you are all st for the day with your tummy rumbling in approval!

4. Glenary’s, Darjeeling


Glenary’s Is the first thing that comes to mind when you are in the lookout for a quality café in Darjeeling. The influences of the British Raj era still linger about this place to this day with the décor which consists of white and red painted doors, wooden floorboards and the checkered tablecloth. Enjoy some of the finest varieties of desserts on offer in the form of Rum balls and Cream rolls along with a helping of the fines of the Darjeeling tea. Once out of the way, delve deeper and go upstairs and you will be greeted by a traditional fireplace and the finest of Anglo-Indian foods on offer. End it up with another helping of desserts and you will want to come back again to this fantasy land.

5. Namgyal café, Dharmasala


Namgyal Café is very popular among tourists visiting Dharmasala and is known for its lip smacking continental cuisine on offer- especially the thin crust pizzas laden with cheese, sandwiches and crepes. The ambience on offer is unique with post-it notes crammed along the walls, with visitors sharing their experiences and a bookshelf stacked with a fine collection of books made to awake the philosopher in you while you sip in the cappuccino.

6. Johnson’s Café, Manali

Cafe 2

Johnson’s café is known as the first trout themed restaurant based in Manali, and you can find every variation of a dish involving the fish that is available all around the world. If you are also in the lookout for some delectable local cuisine Johnson’s café is the ideal choice for an evening dine out. Completely with the trout dishes and the apple based desserts that are the specialties here, you will leave wanting more.

7. Café 1947, Manali


Café 1947 is located on the banks of the Manaslu river and is surrounded by pine forests. The interiors are dimly lit which provide a perfect atmosphere of a typical American café. It hosts live music performances regularly, has a menu with a variety of cuisines on offer which is why it is frequented by locals and tourists alike.

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