India has the third largest army in the world and was male-centric for a long time till it opened its doors for women in 1992. Since then a number of measures have been taken to encourage women to join the armed forces and taking care of existing members of the army. Here are a few reasons why it is one of the best jobs in the country and why women should consider joining it.

1. No discrimination in Payscale


Officers which are on the same rank are eligible to be paid the same salary be it men or women. The disparity in the salary which is pretty evident in the private job sector has no traces of its presence here.

2. Everyone gets an opportunity to succeed


Everyone gets an equal opportunity when it comes to succeed and excel and move forward in life. The only way to go forward is to come and clear tests, which are held at regular intervals and rise ahead of others.

3. Women and fighter jets


The government has allowed women to fly fighter jets since 2017 and participate in combat situations. Earlier they were only allowed to fly carrier aircrafts and ground duties but the responsibilities on the women have increased and India joins only a handful of countries which allow women to fly fighter jets.

4. Nursing services- a highly reputable place of work


This is one of the main departments that keep the army going, with the help of the medical supplies and taking care of personnel and nursing them back to health so that re-join the army.

5. A field for those interested in teaching


Women employees are involved in training and teaching new and existing recruits so if teaching is your cup of tea you can always associate yourself with the army educational corps and follow your dream there.

6. Lead and manage army units


All officers, be it men or women have army units assigned to them and they lead, manage and train them so that can be ready for the harshest of combat situations that can be faced.

7. Assured Pension on retirement


Earlier women would join and stay on the army for only a limited period of time as pension and a few other perks were not available for them. But from 2010, the Delhi High Court awarded permanent commission to the women members of the army which grants them pension and other benefits upon retirement which takes care of your financial situation even after retirement.

8. Continue studies while serving the army


Those who are interested in going for higher education can surely do so while they are in the army. You can opt for various courses on offer at the Army Educational Corps and can also pursue education from outside, in which you are eligible to granted study leaves as and when applicable.

9. Women leading contingents


As the world is progressing equal opportunities are being given to all and women are thrust with more responsibility than ever before. Opportunities to prosper are ever present and you can surely have a bright future.

10. Classy uniforms


The uniforms surely look classy and are extremely well designed which make the brave hearts of our army look very stylish as well.

11. Respected everywhere you go


Irrespective of whether you are in your army unit or in a family gathering people will look upon you as a source of inspiration and you will be looked up to and respected everywhere you go, as there is no greater honor than serving the country and protecting it from its enemies.

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