The Indian Air force is more than what we see around, handsome rugged men playing with their super-expensive toys while breaking the speed of sound. There is more than what meets the eye, and the Indian Air force is a force to be reckoned with. Here are some of the facts that you didn’t know about the Indian Air force.

# Vital cog in the wheel of the Indian Army

Airmen from the 15th Airlift Wing wait to board an Indian IL-76 medium cargo aircraft for a training mission with an Indian aircrew visiting Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, Sept. 20. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Shane A. Cuomo)

The Indian air force is the guardian of the Indian army in the skies and they also offer tactical support in the battlefield. The Indian air force is also responsible for the transport of personnel, food and other supplies in order to fight the enemy in the most geographically challenging areas with utmost ease and are the lifeline for the brave hearts out there with their constant support in the form of food, medical and ammunition reinforcements.

# Member of the army or Civilian- doesn’t matter

Fifteen children and six adults rescued from village near Yamunanagar on June 16, 2013. Indian Air Force launched a massive relief operation ‘Rahat’ at AF Stn Sarsawa.

The services of the Indian Air Force are not only limited to the Indian Army but also is extended towards civilians. Be it a natural disaster or an excavation they are always there as a helping hand ever present to rescue them from desperation and helping out with basic food and medical supplies.

# Holder of the most Powerful Air base as well as the highest air base in Asia


The Jodhpur air base of the Indian air force is considered to be the most powerful air base in the whole of Asia, with respect to area covered by the base, the capacity of fighter aircrafts that it can hold at any single time and facilities offered towards proper maintenance of the aircrafts. The Siachen glacier air force base is situated at an altitude of 22000 feet, built amidst extremely harsh conditions and tests the absolute limits of the air force personnel deployed here who bravely safeguard the Indo-Pak border.

# Fully secured Communication Network


The Indian Air force uses AF net, a fully secure comm. network that uses state of the art technology infrastructure which secures all the communication made into a minimum of 4 security layers. This idea is soon to be implemented in the Indian Army and the Indian Navy.

# Women Fighter Pilots Very Soon

Indian Airforce women Pilots celebrates after the combined Graduation Parade at IAF academy in Dundigal, near Hyderabad on Saturday. Pic: Venkat Rao M

Women in the Indian Air Force have flown carrier and transports aircrafts for a while now but the real deal, the fighter jets will soon be issued to the deserving women pilots from 2017. An announcement further enhancing the image of the Indian Air Force, as a women-friendly workforce.

# Second Largest Annual Air show in the world


The Annual air show held in Bangalore is the second largest air show in the world after the Paris air show. It was first organized in 1996 and has gone on to be a success since, with a grand portrayal of the skills and might the Indian air force has in store.

# A true holder of its motto- Nabha Sparsaham Deeptam


The Indian Air force take utmost pride in upholding their motto, which translates to Touching the Sky with the Glory which is the utmost limit, an extract taken from Geetopdesh, Lord Krishna’s sayings.

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