We love seeing pictures and videos of how people living in Europe and US behave and very much ling to go there. But there are a few things that you can only do in India and you cannot think of people living out there do. Check them out!

1. Cross a busy road with the traffic in full flow


Lights green with the traffic in full flow? Zebra Crossing? What are they for the Indian pedestrian? They take the onus upon themselves, become the traffic guard and cross the bustling roads without breaking a sweat.

2. Play cricket in narrow by lanes


Although it is not a national game of our country, cricket is considered as a religion in our country and the players to play them are revered as gods. The kids who adore them leave no stone unturned to play the game and start playing it as and where they get a chance to play, be it the bylanes if the parks are full.

3. Living with parents


In other countries people move out of their homes as soon as they are able to take care of themselves. In India staying with your parents is considered ideal and a sign that you care for them. The longer you stay the better.

4. Know more than one language


Unlike native English speakers, an Indian knows at least three languages- the mother tongue, Hindi and English. The mother tongue s spoken extensively but the others don’t lack behind much and are regularly spoken among friends and society.

5. Masters of Bargaining


We may have just had a dinner n an upscale restaurant but leave no stone unturned when shopping for vegetables as it is our perception as to whatever the vendor quotes as the price we are being robbed. These forms of bargain have spilled over to transport, shopping for clothes and what not. We are just experts at getting or trying to get a good bargain.

6. Eat Spicy food


Since we include a plethora of spices in our food and can’t do without experiencing the full might of their taste we generally find other cuisines very band to our taste buds. So much that we modify these cuisines in our own sweet way that suites us and us satisfies our taste buds.

7. Eat with our Hands


Indians keep the cutlery at bay and prefer to eat with their hands. We Indians sit down on the floor, eat a good meal in our steel dishes and keep the porcelain and bone china away. There is an unspoken compatibly of food with the hand which no one can explain which makes the food taste and been relished better.

8. Have the most number of festivals and public Holidays


We have the most of festivals and only an Indian can feel the pain of a holiday being on a weekend which means a day of Holiday gone down the drain. Be it any random festival, schools, colleges and government offices remain shut gleefully.

9. Marry the ones that your parents have chosen for you


Arranged marriages are very popular in India and so much so that it is considered the norm. Parents get us married to a stranger and the brides and grooms spend the rest of their lives trying to find the compatibility and make the marriage work.


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