India is a country of diversity and is extremely vivid and more so is a country filled with ironies. We are the writers of the epic ‘Kamasutra’ and yet sex is considered a taboo. We are a country where there is a wide gap that cannot be bridged between the rich and the poor, the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer- and so much disparity among the rich and poor can hardly be noticed anywhere in the world. Here are some other ironies that exist in our country.

# People who work as daily wage laborers and build our homes are homeless themselves and can barely manage a roof under their head to get through the night and continue the struggle the day after.


# Those who risk their lives and fling themselves on electricity supply poles among a forest of wires, just to ensure that we can get electricity supply back in our homes struggle to make enough and might not have electricity in their own homes.


# The government of our country emphasizes on secularism and gender equality, but the theory of polygamy and ‘talaqs’ still exist in the country and are allowed legally. There are still unspoken differences among people of the different religions in our country and people from who follow a religion that is not ours are looked down upon generally.


#The pride of a country is hurt when we lose to someone in a cricket match, but no one bats an eyelid or feel ashamed when a foreigner, a guest of our country is harassed. Our honored guests should be treated so much that they can explore the country at the fullest, but people end up exploiting them.


#Everyone has a problem with the way the police maintain law and order in our country but nobody steps up to join the force and try to implement the changes desired. Criticism comes instantly to us, but as long as it does not affect us, no one bats an eyelid.


# The rivers flowing through our subcontinent are considered to be extremely holy, but we have no problem in polluting them. Washing clothes, defecating and dumping waste in the river are commonplace activities and people do not have second thoughts while doing them.


# Swanky cars speed over the newly made flyovers, seen as a sign of progress and development but many who live underneath these flyovers barely have enough to survive and keep their stomachs full. Such is the divide and disparity among the rich and the poor in our country.


# The combination of Lord Krishna and Radha is worshipped and celebrated yet people stare and have a problem when someone has a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Meeting and talking to a member of the opposite sex is still looked upon in suspicious eyes and what’s more is, intimacy among themselves in public is considered taboo.



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