No matter if we have an intermingling of stars in our domestic premier league or an overdose of t20 cricket, a Sunday match between fierce rivals India and Pakistan is the perfect recipe of unwinding for the weekend. The emotions run deep, the passion runs high and it literally is an extravaganza. And the best of all, let the rivalry spill out where it serves best- in a fiercely competed game of cricket.

1. We grew up watching it


India has always been a cricket frenzy country and you cannot help but indulge and be a part of the India-Pakistan rivalry on the cricket field. Most of our special childhood memories center around this math where the whole neighborhood goes into a tizzy after beating Pakistan, come out on the streets to celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

2. The Passionate Fan


Be in the stadium r in your drawing room we always want our heroes to be flawless in their approach and always end up giving advice and somehow hope that the message will be telepathized. While others would color their faces, get a jersey or simply wave the tri-color frantically, as a show of support.

3. Extremely Superstitious


If you simply even change your seat, fiddle with the remote and by any chance an Indian batsman gets out everyone around you literally turns on you as if you are responsible for it. You could be even shown the door or given a stern warning to sit still or stop fiddling with whatever you are.

4. A clash of the best in the world


Be it the batting might of the Indians or the invincible bowling might of the Pakistani bowlers it is rest assured that it will be a clash which will feature some of the finest players in the world. The sight of the rivalry being put to the absolute test brings out the best in them.

5. It is a much watch game



If you are not found hooked to your TV set, people literally question you as to why you aren’t when the country has called in sick or have skipped major activities to watch the match. Even if you have a valid reason keep it to yourself as they will fall into deaf ears, you are not watching the match is enough sin committed!

6. It’s all in good stead


A little rivalry always spices things up in our monotonous where all we do is work or study or take care of our family. As long as things don’t turn ugly and the beautiful game of cricket is played in the right spirit all is well and good.

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