Like every culture around the world Indians do have their own traditions, norms and habits that can be unique from the rest of the world. Here are some of the things that Indians do differently from the rest of the world.

# No matter how sad or annoyed we are at any point of the day our anger gets instantly lifted when we hear of either of the three magical words: Treat/ Cricket/ Mega Sale! These things are synonymous with joy in the life of an average Indian.

# We are also privy to express your emotions in the form of tears- be it a happy or sad moment, watching that favorite soap opera, watching India win or lose and even while tasting something way too spicy- all of these moments have a constant companion- tears.


# We find ourselves obligated to try out all the dishes that are on display at the buffet- be it 8 starters, 20 main dishes and 6 desserts. We will end up with an upset stomach and groan in pain the next day, we will go ahead and do the same on the next social event.

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#  When you have bought a new car, you will take utmost care and tend to it regularly so that the shine does not wear off after sometime. When it comes to he interiors, we won’t even take off the plastic covers as long as they are torn and withered- even if it means keeping them on for 1 full year.

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# The excuse of being stuck in heavy traffic is and always will be the perennial excuse of turning up late for work or an event. And to cap it all we go about elaborating it and end up discussing problems such as population and pollution levels in the city!


#You may spend an entire evening in an upscale restaurant and end up eating continental food, there is still a part in you which says that you are not satisfied, and you come home and rummage through the fridge to find some leftover food from the day before. And If you end of finding nothing, you just settle for a bowl of Maggi, yum!


# You end up giving treats every time the Indian cricket team has won a major tournament, your city team has won the premier league title or even if India has won a medal at the Olympics. You simply have to share the joy that you feel with others.


# Whenever you return from a trip, you are surrounded by everyone present on your family they surround you as soon as you reach home and look at you with questioning eyes- eyes which ask as to what you’ve brought for them. And when they simply can’t hold it any longer they simply demand that your luggage be opened so that they can have a look at what all you’ve brought and what’s in store for them.



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