Indian women just love wearing jewelry as it brings out the beauty within. However very few know as to why we love the yellow metal so much and what made us start wearing it and some of the scientific evidences that back them. Here are some of the most common jewelries used by Indian women and why women in the bygone era used to wear them.

1. Kamarbandh- the hip/belly belt


Kamarbandh is now worn especially on special events and that too is used very rarely by urban women nowadays. It is still worn by rural women nowadays, but was used more extensively in the past. The main reason behind wearing it was to control the deposition of fat around the waist and thus help in maintaining a proper figure.

2. Toe Rings


Toe rings are in common use by both married Hindu and Muslim women in India. It is said that the nerve in the second toe is connected along with the uterus and passes through the heart. While walking, it creates a constant sense of friction and helps in maintain proper blood circulation along the reproductive organs and keep them nourished.

3. Hand Rings

Hand rings are worn both by men and women. It is said that the nerve ending in the ring finger is connected to the brain and wearing a ring, creates friction and helps in stimulating the nerve in a better way.

4. Ear Rings


It is now commonplace to see both girls and boys sporting earrings in India. Nerves in the ear are connected to the eyes and wearing an earring will help you maintain and improve eyesight gradually.

5. Payal (Anklets)

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The benefits of wearing anklets have been backed by science. Studies have shown that anklets reverberate any energy that is wasted back into the body. It is also said that women in ancient India who used to wear too much of gold had a body current running through them which was countered by the use of silver anklets.

6. Bangles


Women were made to wear extra bangles around their arms as a form of an extra shield to provide safety to their hands. They also wore the bangles on their wrist so as to promote friction between the skin and the bangles which improved blood circulation. To back it up further, any energy lost in the form of electrical waves would be repelled and came back to the body due to the ring shape of the bangles.

7. Mangalsutra


The mangalsutra is given by a groom to his wife after theor holi matrimony and the wife is supposed to wear it after they tie the knot to her death. The scientific reason for adorning one with the mangalsutra is that it helps control the blood pressure levels and also helps improve the overall blood circulation in our body.

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