Take a look at some great dishes which are lesser known around the country but are an absolute delight to feast upon. So take a break from the biriyanis, the parathas and the chicken curries and try them out.

1. Mandige


Mandige is a sweet dish prepared using flour as a base, powdered sugar, ghee and cardamom. Origin of this dish lies in Belgaum and is generally prepared during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

2. Kanchipuram Idli


These idlis are different from the traditional idli as it is loaded with spices and condiments. The spices generally used to give it a tangy taste are pepper, ginger, chilly and cashew nuts.

3. Gojjavalakki


This dish is basically a spicier alternative to poha, a dish prepared using flattened rice. Make poha the traditional way and then soak in a spicy curry and let the curry be absorbed by the poha.

4. Taler Bora


The taler bora is another sweet dish originating from Bengal and is prepared using palm fruit pulp and semolina as the main ingredients. It is deep fried in mustard oil and is generally prepared during the occasion of Janmashtami, celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.

5. Bebnica


Originating in Goa, the bebnica is a sweet pudding that is made using flour as a base, sugar, ghee, nuts and egg yolk.

6. Sidu


A delicacy in Himachal Pradesh, Sidu almost looks like a calzone, but the taste is quite different. The dish is made using flour, paneer and green peas and is served with dal and chutney.

7. Chaman Kaliya


It is a dish made in Kashmir in which paneer is the main ingredient. It is deep fried and then dipped in a cardamom flavored milk and enjoyed heartily with both rice and chapattis.

8. Chicken Dak Bungalow


The origin of this dish is Anglo-Indian and was enjoyed extensively by the ruling English of the British Raj period. The chicken is cooked along with potato, eggs and freshly grounded spices and is still enjoyed by the Anglo-Indian communities in India.

9. Kamal Kadki


Have you ever wondered that the stem of a plant can be a delicacy? It is in Punjab, where the stems of the lotus plant are sliced in cross sections, deep fried and made into a curry. A generous sprinkling of green peas on the curry to add with it makes it even better.

10. Dhuska


A local version of the famous Indian puris made in Jharkhand, it is made using grounded chana powder, deep fried and served with any side dish.

11. Panjiri

Dhaniya Panjiri Recipe for Janmashtami Festival by Sonia Goyal

Another sweet dish to make it to the list is the Panjiri, made using whole wheat flour fried in sugar and ghee and dry fruits to be used for garnishing. It is enjoyed during winters to keep one’s body warm and acts as a great nutritional supplement.

12. Locho


Loco is a snack in Gujarat and is made using gram flour and sev. It is very famous as a street food in Gujarat with many variations of it such as butter, cheese and garlic flavored lochos.

13. Hayagreeva


A traditional dish prepared as an offering to Lord Vishnu. The dish is prepared using chana dal mixed with jiggery and is garnished using grated coconut.

14. Potoler Dorma


Potoler Dorma is a famous dish in Bengal where parwal vegetable is used a s a base, its ingredients scooped and is filled with minced meat or paneer and then cooked to a curry.

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