Mahatma Gandhi was a visionary whose legacies still shine as beacons of light, be it the calm or storm. His stature may not give light to the fact of his immense determination and perseverance or his sense of compassion but there is lot to the man that meets the eye. Here are some of the reasons why Mahatma Gandhi is my hero.

1. His heart was filled with love:


Gandhi was a pioneer when it came to discovering new realms of human consciousness and trying to find out the limits as to which a human being can love another. As he found new limits, he challenged to find out if he could go an extra mile to find out a reason to love that person even more.

2. He dedicated his life in the service of others:


Gandhi was so dedicated in servicing others that he remarked that this is what gave him joy, so much so that he felt like he was always on a vacation. He didn’t have any selfish interests or any motive towards personal gains, and so he loved what he did.

3. Always gave his best to anything that he had undertaken:


Gandhi always believed in putting in the best of your efforts, irrespective of the end result as equal to a victory. Never feel like giving up, always give it your best shot. If you feel down and out, always make sure to rise above it because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, where there is will there is way.

4. He gave greed a whole new dimension:


While on train trips Gandhi always used to get down at stops and collect money from his fellow passengers. So much that his friend remarked that he was a man consumed by greed. Little did he know that Gandhi was instead collecting money in order to distribute among the poor, he was greedy for the poor.

5. Always a preacher of compassion:


One day it is said that while boarding a train Gandhi lost one of his slippers. When he was unable to get it back, he threw the other slipper off and threw it at the same place. When asked why he did that, he said that a poor man who finds it can use the pair of shoes for himself as he had no use of simply carrying one piece of the pair.

6. Had a new definition for success:


Gandhi looked at every difficulty that he faced as a new challenge that he could best, and come out as a better man. He looked at it as a way to serve the men who followed him vehemently better and come out victorious.

7. He stressed on the joy of giving:


Gandhi always encouraged the people to help the poor as he even remarked that people should even thank the poor for giving them an opportunity to absolve some of their sins and taking care of karma.

8. Believed in following a mantra, a goal in life to achieve success:


Gandhi always encouraged his followers to have a single aim and a goal in life and plan out all actions which would take them nearer to it. Focus was a very important aspect quintessential to reaching the ultimate goal.

9. Preacher of nonviolence:


Nonviolence in appositive form is the largest showing of love that you can have for others and Gandhi was a strong follower of non-violence. Friend or enemy, he believed in following the path of nonviolence which brings forward a sense of truth and fearlessness on everyone it is applied on.

10. He passed on his legacy, his sayings to all of us:


Gandhi was a strong believer that any man or woman who followed his legacy vehemently would no doubt emulate him and be a beacon of light amongst the less fortunate and common people. Following the path to righteousness would no doubt bring enlightenment to your body and soul, and leave a legacy long after your mortal self has departed from the earth.

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