A lot of changes have been happening in the political scenario of India. Many have praised him but a few others have criticized him and his foreign trips all over the world as showboating public appearances. Many world leaders like him as he is honest and direct, a trait very among politicians and also has a clear understanding of what plagues his country and what he needs to do to make it a better place. Is there a magic potion or a wand in his hand that he will just wave and make things all right? Surely not, we all must give him some time. In the meantime, he has given flashes of his potential as to what he has in mind and what is the plan of action going forward. Here are a few reasons why Narendra Modi is India’s best ever prime minister.

# A paperless Parliament


When we have undertaken a pledge to save the fast fading greenery around us and save the environment a small step of making the Indian Parliament completely paperless could turn out to have massive implications in the quest to save our mother earth and its forests from impending extinction.

# Rail Lines in geographically challenging areas in the North East


Rail lines have been laid in Silchar by Narendra Modi’s government, a place that could only be accessed by air or by the challenging mountainous roads prone to frequent landslides. Plans to have rails out there were in place since 1997 but adequate action to implement them was missing. Modi made sure that all work was completed within six months and trains started running regularly to and from Silchar.

# Swachh Bharat Campaign


The mission to undertake a nationwide campaign to make India a cleaner place was undertaken by Narendra Modi. On Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, he made it a point to clean the roads of Delhi himself to make a point to his fellow citizens that no work is considered inferior and we should all join hands at making this world a better place.

# Opening Bank accounts and devising Insurance schemes for the poor


Modi’s main mission was to make sure that every household in India should have at least bank account and they could al government benefits such as accidental insurance and pension schemes. The event was big hit and more than 1 crore bank accounts were opened.

# Saved countless Indian lives in Yemen

People evacuated from Yemen seated in an IAF C-17 Globemaster-III aircraft at Djibouti prior to taking off to Mumbai, evacuated by the Indian Air Force (IAF), in Mumbai on April 05, 2015.

Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen earlier in 2016 and the Yemeni airspace was declared as a no-fly zone. Prime minister Modi himself talked to the king of Saudi Arabia and persuaded him to let Indian airplanes fly and evacuate all Indians that were trapped out there. More than 4000 Indian lives were saved and the operations were so efficient than more than 41 countries sought India’s help including the United States.

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