Oracles are an apparition- as If someone has taken control of the human body and are directing them to a course of action. They are considered to soothsayers, extremely pious and are revered as deities on the earth. One such occasion where these oracles are worshipped is the Meena Bharani Celebrations, which last a month which is attended by thousands of devotees, wearing red costumes with daggers in their hands and make a mad rush to these temples.


The oracles perform frenzied dances with bodies trembling, filled with ecstasy, hurling obscenities while hurling their tongue out at the same time. With the curved daggers in their hands they go on to injure themselves on their heads- and offer blood as a sacrifice to the Goddesses Kali, the honor in who’s the festival is held. With their hair flying all around, dripping with blood and covered with vermilion they try to find order in the chaos and try to connect with the divine.
These oracles are observed as the mediators between God and the common man. When they are possessed by the divine they are known to convey thoughts and feelings to their devotees and is known to address issues for the general welfare which seem to have been overlooked. Blessings to the most fervent of the devotees are also given with incomprehensible words and a slight touching of the forehead with the help of the swords/ daggers.


Devotees who take part in this celebration mostly comprise of farm laborers and they see this event as a platform for crude, unrestrained expressions and a much awaited escape from the rigors of everyday life. Many pilgrims visit too with large offerings in order to please the Goddesses and worship them to gain prosperity.


In order to reach the city of Kodungallur you can take buses from Thrissur and Ernakulum. The nearest railway station is Irinjalakkuda, which is around 22 kilometers away.

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