Bengali is considered to be one of the sweetest languages in the world with its origination from the Eastern Aryan languages. It is now spoken by the eastern states of India most prominently in West Bengal and also in Bangladesh. Here are some of the reasons why Bengali is considered as one of the sweetest language in the world.

1. Simple Vowel and consonant Sounds:


The vowel and consonant sounds are simple and the pronunciations are much more simplified, even if they are still used in written form.

2. A number of words ending with ‘o’ sound:


A number of Bengali words which sound similar to the Hindi Language end with the letter ‘o’. For example, ‘Basant’ denoting Spring is pronounced as ‘Bosonto’, ‘Karm’ denoting work is pronounced as ‘Kormo’ and so on. These features are present in Italian and Spanish as well which make it sound sweeter.

3. Rich in Emotion:


Bengali language is rich in emotion and it is implemented masterfully with the help of simple words. Words like ‘daroon’ to exclaim a wow factor simply sound exhilarating coming from the mouth of a native Bengali Speaker.

4. Rich in Vocabulary:


Bengali has a rich vocabulary and apart from having its own words, it also has derived quite a lot from Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi, Arabic, English and French. All the words derived and amalgamated into the vocabulary in their own way and form does make them sound sweet.

5. National Anthem has its roots in Bengali:


Bengali has given the world the national anthems of two countries namely India and Bangladesh. While Bangladesh is composed entirely in Bengali, the Indian anthem has a heavy influence of it. It is a composition which sends shivers down the spine of every Indian when sung, an influence only brought forward by the sweetness of Bengali.

6. A language for which people gave their lives for:


To fight for the right to have Bengali as their official language the people of Bangladesh (then Pakistan) fought for it in the year 1952. International Mother Language Day is celebrated in Honor to that.

7. Some of the greatest poems and works of art have been written in Bengali.


‘Geentanjali’ the work of art which gave Rabindranath Tagore and India’s first Nobel prize was written in Bengali and has since been translated to more than 20 languages since. Many other novels and poems from eminent scholars from Bengal have also been translated and are popular throughout the country and worldwide.

8. The best way to let someone special know your feelings:


Proposing your loved one by saying the magical words ‘Ami Tomake Valobashi’ signifying ‘I love You’, sounds exhilarating and is an awesome way to propose.


It is the mother tongue of an entire country, the state of West Bengal and Tripura and its dialects are spoken in Assam and Orissa and they all swear by it. It is the seventh most spoken language in the world and is spoken by more than 250 million people.

Lastly if all these fail to convince, Bengali has officially been voted as the sweetest Language to hear when spoke by UNESCO leaving being its competitors Dutch, Spanish and French. So go Bong, and feel the experience!

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