The exotic and diverse country of India and its cuisine is famous to all, but there are some bizarre dishes prepared in the interior parts of the country. Check out the top 10 bizzare foods that you can find in India.

1. Frog Legs

frogs legs

This popular French delicacy is eaten in the North Eastern state of Sikkim in India. The Lepcha community of Sikkim believe that it has medicinal qualities which help cure dysentery and stomach problems. Frog is also consumed in Goa with the bullfrog being a monsoon delicacy and served in many restaurants out there.

2. Red Ant Chutney


Chutney is an Indian dessert which brings a sweet ending to any sumptuous meal but here is one which is sure to make you cringe. The tribal people of Bastar in the state of Chhattisgarh make a chutney which comprises of red ants and their eggs. This dish is extremely spicy and are also used for garnishing other dishes to make them spicier.

3. Doh Kileh


A bizarre salad dish which comes from the north Eastern State of Meghalaya. It is a regular salad make using minced pork and onion but what makes it bizarre is that the garnishing is done with steamed Pig Brain. Delicacy? Decide for yourself.

4. Eri Polu


Eri Polu is a dish prepared from Silk Worm pupas and is made in Assam. The primary ingredient is silkworm which is used after it has spun its cocoon. It is eaten along with ‘Khorisa’ another dish prepared from fermented bamboo shoots.

5. Baby Shark Curry


This dish is a delicacy found in the western state of Goa. The dish is made using sauces and is pretty expensive since the fishermen have to work extensively to catch them. The fin of the shark is also used to prepare shark fin soup, another popular dish among the Goanese.

6. Dog meat


Dog meat is particularly enjoyed among the tribal communities of Nagaland and Mizoram. It comprises of an important part of their cuisine and meat is prepared in different ways such as smoked, fried or simply a curry and enjoyed.

7. Nahkham


Nahkham is a dish prepared by the Garo Tribe of Meghalaya. This dish comprises of a curry which contains dried fish and vegetables. The signature of this dish is its strong smell commonly accompanied with cooking any dried fish.

8. Snail and Hornets Stew


The cuisine of Nagaland is completely different from the other parts of the country. You will find things such as stew of Snail and Hornets being sold openly in the streets. Just be aware and have a good look as to what you are having when you are in Nagaland.

9. Bhunni


The origin of this dish is in Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Contents of this dish include liver, intestines and stomach of goat all cooked into a curry with a host of spices. As if conventional goat meat wasn’t enough we are down to its entrails.

10. Sa-um Bur



This dish is basically fermented Pork fat. At first the fat is stored in a container, fermented for an extended period of time and then used for cooking purpose.

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