The 90s were a time in which India as a country made massive strides in the economic, technological and agricultural sectors. Looking towards Bollywood it was a decade which saw sweeping changes made in the fashion segment which included everything from going bare chested, wearing colorful dresses and what not. Some survived while the others sank without a trace, so here are some of the weird 90s trends that ruled Bollywood back then.

1. Audacious hairstyles



Overly done hair styles, messed up curls and bob cuts were a few of the trending hairstyles that ruled Bollywood in the 90s. Actresses used to flaunt these styles with poise and were very relaxed about it, no wonder they were divas.

2. Outrageous Costumes


Flaunting head to toe all black costumes, dungarees, multi colored silk gowns and what not! These were the talk of the town and any trend or a message that was needed to be sent to public, was done so with the help of a dress, be it protesting for a social cause or simply turning vegetarian!

3. Going Shirtless


It was perceived that going shirtless and flaunting their bare and hairy chests to the public was a new way of being sexy. These ploys backfired massively and were soon shunned.

4. Actresses wearing jeans


Wearing denims along with belts was quite the trend in the 90s and people in real life shunned their shyness and flaunted denims in accordance to the latest fashion trend. One of the best things to come out from the 90s fashion trends that ruled Bollywood.

5. Men wearing dungarees



Dungarees were made popular by Salman Khan and were the toast of the town as many kids wanted to emulate their hero and started wearing them. This trend was popular in the 90s but did go out of fashion in the early 2000s.

6. Decked up with jewelry (Presumably Real!)


Actresses playing negative roles or even decked up for item numbers used to flaunt so much jewelry that our eyes were literally blinded by them. Rarely has so much jewelry had been seen on a woman before on the big screen.

7. Light colored Sarees


Light colored chiffon sarees were flaunted by actresses when they used to participate in some steamy songs or simply while shooting in the rain. These were a huge hit among women in the 90s and continue to be so.

8. Wearing Shades


The best of the 90s trend that still exists gracefully is the introduction to shades among the actors of Bollywood. Fans of the actors sported it with elan and so much was the craze that people literally used to wear it all the time, be it shopping for vegetables, taking a bath or even sleeping! The craze has diminished since, but the trend of wearing shades never will.

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