This is real India where those who got fame are always remembered and others are ignored by people. There are many people in India who did a lot for the country but are not even recognized by people. Some of them are:

1. Sita Sahu


No one knows her, but at the age of 15, she achieved something in Special Olympics. She was the winner of the Bronze medal in different meters races. But today she is surviving by selling Paani puri. She did not receive any motivation from Sports fans for her achievement.

2. Rashmita Patra


She is another girl who has a dream of becoming great Football Player but her dream got in vain. Today she sells Pawn to ensure her survival. During past times, she represented Junior and Senior levels in Football team but totally ignored by sports administration.

3. D.K Ravi


He completed IAS even though he was from a rural background. He made a lot of efforts to helping poor and needy people. He also made many efforts to provide tax benefits to the government. But unfortunately, he died mysteriously at the age of 32 and his honest efforts were totally ignored.

4. Kishan Lal


He was a very brave person who saved many people from bomb blasts number of times. Without considering his own life he faced the terror and saved many lives. No one appreciated his efforts of bravery. He is also known as Chacha Bomb.

5. Ram Milan Shah


He was a freedom fighter and it is very shameful on the part of India that he could not even get freedom fighter pension. He worked with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and now meeting his basic requirements by selling pawns.

6. Shanker Lakshman


He was the Hockey player who won Padma Shri and Arjuna awards but his efforts were never rewarded and did not get any encouragement

7. Nisha Rani Dutta


A silver Medalist in the South Asian Federation Championship 2008 got no reward for this achievement.

8. Raju Narayan Swamy


He was an honest district collector but always punished for his honesty. He was demoted many times to junior level posts and even given mental torture. This was the reward for his honesty.

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