Nidhivan temple is a temple in Mathura which is considered as one of the holiest places a devotee of Lord Krishna can visit. However, this temple is within a forest and some mysterious activities have been reported to take place at night after the temple is closed to public. Read on to find out more about them.

1. It is said that Lord Krishna along with his ’gopis’, a band of followers dance around the Nidhivan temple with the divine dance taking place after nightfall. It is also said that Lord Krishna’s partner Radha also participates in this divine dance.


2. A daily ritual associated with the temple which involves keeping of food such as ladoos, bangles and sarees are kept and the temple is then shut for the day. The next morning everything is found scatted as if someone has used it. It is said that Lord Krishna and his gopis come here to rest after the divine dance.


3. These dance forms are known as ‘Leelas’ and it is a form of a divine offering, People are forbidden to visit the temple after 5pm as it is said that Lord Krishna visits the place after nightfall. Anyone who does so is said to become either bind or dumb, loses touch with reality and does not live long to tell of the divine dance.


4. There are many spots in and around the premises of the temple which may give clues to the divine activity which take place every night which include the sacred well of Radha-Rani and the costume place where they all get decked in their costumes before the dance.


5. The trees near the temple premises are totally hollow, bent as if bowing down in respect to the holy god and still manages to bear green leaves throughout the year.


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