India has been able to achieve major advances in the field of science, technology, sports and business so why stay behind when it comes to making records and make way into the history books. Here are some of the most bizarre Guinness World Records held by Indians.

1. World’s Shortest Woman


Jyoti Amge, a 23-year-old is considered to be the shortest teenager alive and it was confirmed when she was measured to be just under 62 centimeters (2 feet) tall!

2. World’s Longest Dosa


A restaurant in the city of Ahmedabad is sad to have made a 53 feet long Dosa, a south Indian delicacy and was displayed to the world in October 2013. It is said that the dosa was made by the chefs in less than 20 minutes!

3. World’s Largest Human Flag


In December 2014, a gathering of 50,000 Volunteers looking to set a Guinness world record set about to form the national flag standing in square formation. It managed to beat the previous record held by Pakistan.

4. Word’s longest Moustache


Ram Singh Chauhan was set to have the longest moustache in the world when it was recorded in a reality show in 2010. He hasn’t cut his moustache in 32 years and holds an indisputable record for having an 18-foot-long moustache.

5. World’s largest turban


Avatar Singh Mauni, a man from Punjab holds the record for having the largest turban in the world. The turban weighs a total of 60 pounds and it takes him more than 6 hours every day to get his hair done!

6. Longest Dance (duration wise) in the world


Kalamandalam Hemaletha, an Indian Classical Dancer broke the record for the longest dance duration when she danced from 20-26th September in 2010 in the state of Kerala. She danced for a total of 123 hours and 15 minutes non-stop and made her way into the history books.

7. World’s Largest Biriyani preparation


The record for the largest Biriyani Preparation in the world goes to a group of chefs in New Delhi. In a total the preparation weighed more than 12,000 kilos and was prepared at New Delhi Sports stadium.

8. Largest gathering of Santa Claus’s

Thrissur: People dressed as Santa Claus created a new Guinness World Record when they assembled together, in Thrissur on Saturday. PTI Photo(PTI12_27_2014_000116A)

In a charity event to raise funds for the poor the people of Thrissur, Kerala organized an event in which everyone needed to be dressed as Santa Claus. It saw the largest gathering of Santa’s in the world with more than 18,100 in all.

9. Most Expensive Wedding


Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal married his daughter Vanisha and Investment Banker Amit Bhatia in a lavish wedding in which the guests were entertained by a host of Bollywood celebrities and performers. The total money spent in the wedding is said to be around 60 million dollars, easily being the most expensive wedding in the world.

10. Longest distance covered Skating underneath cars


Records can be set irrespective of whether you are 8 or 80, and this one proves exactly that. A 5-year old girl Shreeya Deshpande skated for a total of 48.1 meters underneath 27 cars in just over 23 seconds. Truly a wonder!

11. Most Hugs given in an hour


An engineering Student Jayasimha Ravirala holds the record for the most number of hugs given by an individual in an hour. The number of persons she hugged during this time was a whopping 2436 which makes it a little more than a second spent at hugging every person. Not quite the warmth spread with a bear hug, but the record was made!

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