India is a beautiful country and one of its beauty features includes its gardens. It has many famous gardens spread over all states in India. These gardens are famous because of some unique features or some historical reasons. Let’s discuss some of the gardens:

1. Chambal Garden

Chambal Garden

It is located in the city of Kota, most appropriate for picnic purposes. It has a beautiful pond full of crocodiles and gharials that are its major attraction.

2. Chashme Shahi Garden


It is located in Kashmir and was formed in the memory of great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Its name was originated from the spring. This spring belonged to Rupa Bhawani, a famous Saint.

3. Kalindi Kunj


This is another famous garden located between Delhi and Faridabad. It has beautiful musical fountains that reflect beautiful different colors during night. It is placed near the river Yamuna

4. Lloyds Botanical Garden


It is the famous beauty spot in Darjeeling city. It is famous for different species of plants. These plants are very rare and exotic and you will never find such beautiful collection anywhere else.

5. Pinjore Garden


It is located in Chandigarh, another beauty spot of this beautiful city. It is also known by the name Yadavindra Gardens. People enjoy its great features of a picnic spot, mini zoo, fountains and animal rides.

6. Rock garden:

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It is located near about 10km away from Darjeeling city. It is the popular picnic spot for tourists. People enjoy its waterfalls, tea and snack stalls, small lakes etc.

7. Shalimar Bagh:


It is another famous beauty of Srinagar also known as Mughal Garden. It is famous for its Gulmohar trees and different shades of roses. If you visit Srinagar and do not visit this garden then you have really missed something or you can say you have committed a mortal sin.

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