The state of West Bengal is endowed with a beautiful scenic landscape and many iconic monuments. This state offers us mesmerizing destinations bestrewed in many regions. West Bengal tourism brings to you a profusion of tourist spots you can choose from; be it art galleries , museums , palaces or the panoramic mother nature. With abundant options for you to explore the Bengal state , below are a few loci you would not want to miss out.

1. Victoria Memorial

Stitched Panorama

The Victoria Memorial is a manifestation of a superior constructional excellence which was built by the year 1921. Its historical significance undoubtedly lies in its framework but also the underlying reason it was built which was to honor and mark the peaking era of the British empire. Victoria Memorial hall is a classic museum displaying art from the British era, treasured artifacts and paintings of Queen Victoria. This architectural beauty is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal and still continues to be the prime location for tourists all over the world.

2. Shaheed Minar


The Shaheed Minar is situated in the capital city of West Bengal , Kolkata. This iconic landmark was erected in the year 1848 to honor Sir David Ochterlony. He had battled in the Nepal War that commenced between 1814 to 1816. The monument is also known Martyrs Column or as the locals call it the Ochterlony Monument. The highlight of the Shaheed Minar is that you get to view the entire City Of Joy from its top , after climbing 200 stairs though.

3. Chitrakoot Art gallery


The second largest city in India has bagged many historical structures and artistic paintings which brings back the history to life. The Chitrakoot Art Gallery envelopes the finest artworks which can be appreciated by all art enthusiasts and aficionados. This art gallery was established in the year 1984 by Dr. Prakash Kejriwal with the goal to display the beautiful works of the people of Bengal.

4. Belur Math


The Belur Math was envisioned and founded by Swami Vivekanand. This vast temple stretches over forty acres of land and is located near the Hoogly River. Blur Math stands as an important part of Kolkata with the relics of Sri Ramakrishna (disciple of Swami Vivekanand) enveloped in the humongous temple. It attracts people from all over to world due to its strong historical connection. The Belur Math encompasses many temples such as the Sri Ramakrishna Temple, Swami Vivekanand temple, Temple Of Sri Sharda Devi and the Swami Brahmananda Temple. The Ramakrishna Museum is located within its vicinity showcasing the art of Swami Vivekanand and his disciple.

5. Howrah Bridge


The popular Howrah Bridge stands elegantly over the Hooghly River in Kolkata. The bridge was renamed after Rabindranath Tagore as Rabindra Sethu on the 14th of June, 1965. It is interesting to note that there are absolutely no evidences of any screws in the bridge as it was built by completely riveting the entire structure! However , it is regarded to be one of the busiest bridges in India.

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