India’s rich heritage and cultural influence in every region has brought to us a variety of delectable and palatable sweet dishes we ought to try in our lifetime. Every state of our country has a signature dish prepared on auspicious events.

1. Gulab Jamun


Gulab Jamun is India’s most loved dessert seen in every nook and creek in each city. It is a milk solid based dessert immersed in a rose scented sugar syrup which originated during the medieval era of India.

2. Ras Malai


Ras Malai or Rossomalai is a sweet dish commonly mistaken to originate from Bengal. The 700 year old dessert dates back to the eleventh century was born in Puri in Odisha .This lip smacking dish consists of soft cottage cheese balls soaked in a creamy flavored milk.

3. Kajjikaya


Kajjikaya is a traditional sweet of Andhra Pradesh which has a crescent shaped exterior of the dough and a delicious filling with a mixture of coconut, sugar and cardamom deep fried to perfection. It’s a perfect balance of ample crispiness and hearty amounts of sweetness.

4. Shrikhand


Shrikhand is a famous sweet dish found in Gujarat and Maharashtra. With a transformation of strained yogurt to a scrumptious delicacy is absolutely something you need to try. Sometimes , it is eaten along with local breads known as puri or just as a dessert.

5. Besan Ladoos

Title - besan-ke-laddu

Besan Ladoos are the most popular sweet dish in India seen across festivals and weddings. The sweet round balls made of roasted gram flour and sugar which are deep fried and soaked in a sugar syrup completely satisfies your sweet tooth in a bite.

6. Rasgulla


Bengal is a hub for many sweet dishes. Rasgulla is one of the amazing desserts originated in the lands of Bengal however relished every where. These ball shaped dumplings are made from indian cottage cheese and whey soaked in light sugary syrup.

7. Rabri

pista shahi rabri

Rabri is a dessert extremely popular in the North Indian region and is considered a speciality of Banaras,Uttar Pradesh. This sweet is made from thickened milk or cream , saffron and dry fruits. The dish has a rich creamy texture and is best served chilled.

8. Sandesh


A delicious sweetmeat popular and appreciated in Bengal uses indian cottage cheese ( paneer) and sugar with a galvanizing aroma of cardamom. This soft , melt in the mouth dish is customary to be served at all occasions in its birthplace.

9. Mysore Pak


Produced in the royal city of Mysore , Mysore Pak is a luscious dish made with a blend of ghee , sugar and gram flour. The sweet dish was first prepared in the Mysore Palace for the king and ever since has been a part of Indian cuisine.

10. Ghewar by cherian thomas

Ghewar comes from the Land of the kings, Rajasthan which is a delicacy served during the festival of Teej.  The circular shaped form of the sweet dish similar to a donut is a concoction of flour, milk, clarified butter,and sugar syrup topped with crunchy almonds and pistachio.

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